The rich say they are smarter more moral work harder and therefore they deserve to pay less taxes 1.   Never mind that a rich man’s wrong is  often morals the poor cannot afford. Never mind the rich define what is moral. Stealing billions for if your a rich banker for example means you get a bank bailout not jail time measured in the radioactive half life of Plutonium  ( Pu-239 – 24065 years ) that you or I would get if we did the same thing.


Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute, whose new book, Coming Apart, offers by far the best available analysis of modern American inequality—and a much-needed antidote to the campaign for a European America.


Murray makes his arguments thusly the rich are smarter, evidence?

“the parents of the upper-middle class now produce a disproportionate number of the smartest children.” They do this because smart people tend to marry other smart people and produce smart children.


A 2010 study by the Public School Forum of North Carolina showed a widening gap in spending. The state’s 10 richest counties had seven times more taxable property value per child than the 10 poorest counties in 2008-09.


Does Murray really want to argue that smarter kids need 7 times the cash to learn because they are superior? If Murray’s premise is that rich kids are really smarter then it follows they should have test scores 7 times higher right? I have never heard anyone claim that rich kids are 7 times smarter than poor kids.
If the elite were really so smart why would Harvard have Legacy admission’s

at all? Why in this bad economy would the number of legacy admission’s be rising

May 11, 2011

Harvard’s acceptance rate for legacies has hovered around 30 percent—more than four times the regular admission rate—in recent admissions cycles,

If you want to justify the rich having more money because they are smarter and can use those resources better than us then why are so many wealthy people in this bad economy 4 times as likely than before to get their kids a Harvard Diploma? Perhaps because you know that your stupid kids need a Harvard Diploma in this economy more than ever ?

New York Times story on the event, Brenzel said that Yale rejected 80 percent of its legacy applicants. Brenzel reported that Yale legacies comprise less than 10 percent of the class,

Legacy admission’s are from people who already went to an Ivy League School  and I agree with Murray probably married someone of a similar education  and are well off so then why is Yale rejecting 80% of its legacy applicants?

Murray’s Premise is that intelligence is a quality that is a high inheritable trait. Of the 20% smart enough to get in how many will graduate like at least one of their parents did? How many will graduate with a Gentleman’s C?

A grade given to a student (traditionally with wealthy parents) instead of a failing grade.
Bobby didn’t study at all the entire semester. However, he received a gentleman’s C because his father donates lots of money to the college.

The elite ruling class wasted resources on weak sisters like President Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle. They bought them college Diplomas they bought them public office I presume because they were the best that the elite ruling class could find for the most important Job in the country. Bush and Quayle both belong on t-shirts that say this is your mind off drugs.

The rich are not smarter than us and Charles Murray is a moron for ignoring Real World evidence.

I hope if I have time to write more articles about Murray I find it curious that David Brooks at the New York Times and Niall Ferguson at the Daily Beast both reviewed his book Murray has had problems in the past both with sources and racism sometimes even using racially biased sources.




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