Prescription Laws and the excessive cost of health care.

One reason health care costs so much is because of our prescription laws that effectively give doctors monopoly control over the supply of medicine.  This allows the doctor to require many unnecessary office visits by the patient for chronic conditions that cannot be “cured”, but only controlled to a certain extent with medicine.  Going by my own experiences, this adds about $300 a year in unnecessary costs and accomplishes nothing but to transfer money from me and my Medicare Advantage to the doctor.  In effect, I am paying the doctor not for needed services, but in effect paying for the privilege of being allowed to purchase medicine.  Without these laws I might be seeing my doctor at a maximum of once a year instead.  I should add that there is a considerable concern about a “shortage” of primary care doctors here in the USA.   Without these unnecessary office visits every year, my doctor would have more time to see people who actually do really need his services.  Without these visits Medicare and I would save $300 a year which would reduce the amount of taxes needed to pay for these services.  Without prescription laws I could purchase my medicine outside the USA, pay a much lower price, obtain medicines that are not available here in the USA, but are available elsewhere.  Historically, prior to the passage of prescription laws in 1938, if you were sick, you could go to your local drug store, tell the druggist your problems and the druggist could often give you medicine to cure your condition drawing upon his own knowledge of having filled thousands of doctor’s prescriptions for various ills.  Naturally the doctors didn’t like this (this was during the Great Depression) and they felt that the druggists were getting money that should have gone to them.  Acting through the American Medical Association (aka Union for Doctors) they were able to get the Roosevelt administration to pass prescription laws thus giving doctors a legal monopoly over the supply of medicine.   Of all the candidates for President this year, only Ron Paul (an MD) actually understands this!  Mainly because Ron Paul is a Libertarian running for President on the Republican Party ticket.  So if you haven’t voted yet in the primaries, vote for Ron Paul!

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