Mitt Romney Wins Big in Nevada Caucus

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Mitt Romney is now projected by all major news networks to have won the Nevada caucus. His margin of victory will easily be double digits.

The large Mormon vote in the state helped Romney win by such a large margin. According to the entrance polls, Mormons made up about one quarter of the overall vote, and of those, 91 percent supported Romney. Importantly though, Romney still would have won the state even without the Mormon vote. Romney also won the Catholic vote, the Protestant vote, and the “other Christian” vote.

He dominated almost every voting group in the state. He won the very Conservative vote, the Conservative vote, and the Liberal/Moderate vote. Romney even won among those who strongly support the Tea Party. Basically, the only group Romney lost was Independents, who favored Ron Paul.

Even though Nevada did not receive as much coverage as the early primaries, this is still a great night for Romney. Not only did he win by a huge margin, but neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum beat expectations. The narrative out of Nevada will be almost exclusively about Romney’s win.

This now gives Romney three double-digit victories out of the five states that have voted so far. He’s taken first or second in every contest so far. No other candidate in the field comes even close to having as consistently strong a performance over the past month. At this point Romney is the prohibitive favorite to win the Republican Party’s nomination.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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