First off, to get up to speed really quickly on the Arizona legislature’s assault on public employees and by extension, the working class watch Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks break it down for us.

Bottom line; this is terrible for Arizona, and terrible for ALL working class people, public employee or not.  Quite simply, if this passes EVERYONE’s standard of living is going to decline.

Well, everyone except for big business who will be able to abuse workers with impunity and the corrupt politicians they bought off to help them do it.

We have to fight this.  Time to join the battle.

If you are an Arizona resident and you work for a living you need to be all of over this. Period.

Contact your state Representatives and state Senators in the Arizona legislature and tell them to back off the assault on the working class.  You can go to the Arizona State Legislature’s official website to find out what your legislative district is and who your reps are. Just click on the ‘How do I find my legislatures’ tab on the to left hand corner of the web page. And here is a link that takes you straight to the legislature members roster.

If you kick it in legislative district 30 like I do, here are your reps:

State Sen. Frank Antenori (R) email: office phone no: (602) 926-5683

Rep. David Gowan (R) email: office phone no: (602) 926-3312

Finally, I think we’d better get used to this.  Every few days the GOP crime syndicate dreams up a new way to screw over the working class, the DIMS pretend to fight against it but somehow can NEVER block a single Republican proposal even when DIMS hold the majority.

So we are just going to have to do it ourselves.  And keep doing it ourselves until they get the message to back the hell off, STOP selling out to the rich and powerful and START working for the people who can vote them in and OUT of office.

Get behind the mule and prepare for the long struggle ahead. It aint gonna be easy.