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Come Saturday Morning: Rachel Paulose’s Enabler, Mary Kiffmeyer, Pushing ALEC’s Vote-Suppression Bill Once Again

A number of local groups are protesting Mary Kiffmeyer’s and her fellow Minnesota Republicans’ insistence on attacking voters under the grotesque James-O’Keefe-ish pretense of fighting “voter fraud”. Take Action Minnesota, as part of the Democracy Day of Action, is holding an event this coming Thursday morning, February 9, in the rotunda of the State Capitol. If you can, come on down and take a stand against the Voter Suppression Amendment the Republican Party of Minnesota wants to tack onto the state constitution.

The need for such a protest is all too evident. Last week’s topic was the penchant of Republican legislators (my focus being on Minnesota ones) and the media figures that love them to engage in copycatting and lazy recycling of everything from other people’s writings to other people’s legislation, such as the “model bills” ALEC writes for them. Today we’re specifically looking at the anti-voter actions of Madam Kiffmeyer, former Minnesota Secretary of State, current Minnesota state representative, ALEC’s point woman in Minnesota, and longtime foe of nonwhite voters, college kids, or anyone else she thinks might not vote for Republicans.

How much does Kiffmeyer hate it when people who might not vote for Republicans are allowed to exercise the franchise? For starters, she was involved in the removal of Tom Heffelfinger, known as a staunch supporter of Native American voting rights, as part of the infamous Bush-era purge of US Attorneys — particularly those US Attorneys who backed voting rights for all. Heffelfinger’s replacement? Rachel Paulose, (Yes, folks — this is how the Minneapolis US Attorney’s office went from being the best-run in the country under Heffelfinger to a totally dysfunctional basketcase under Princess Rachel, Monica Goodling’s good friend.)

Currently, Crazy Kiffy is regurgitating the ALEC anti-voter “VoterID” poison pablum being fed her as Minnesota’s chief ALEC representative and inflicting it on the general public — this time by putting it on this year’s ballot as a constitutional amendment so she can bypass the veto that Governor Dayton bestowed upon it last year.

By the way, as Tim Pawlenty’s Secretary of State, she actually did succeed in getting a voter-ID bill passed and then signed in by then-governor Pawlenty back during his first term, but that got shot down in September of 2005 after the ACLU challenged it in court, and the ACLU promises to challenge this latest bill, too. Furthermore, back in December, the Department of Justice rejected a similar attempt at disenfranchisement by the South Carolina Republican legislature. Yet she still continues to waste our tax dollars on efforts to take our votes away.

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