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First it was the News of the World that was caught phone-hacking.

And then just a week ago it was another Murdoch paper, as the Sun was implicated.

And now, it is yet another Murdoch publication, the Times of London, Rupert’s most prestigious British publication.

On Thursday, Mr Watson, a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said on Twitter: “The Met police have confirmed to me they are investigating [Rupert Murdoch’s] newspaper The Times over email hacking.”

Rupert has repeatedly said no such hacking of phone calls or email has happened in the United States. But then he has always been so honest and forthright.

On 26 January [2007] Clive Goodman, the News of the World’s former royal editor, and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire are jailed for illegally accessing the royal phone messages. … In March, Les Hinton, a senior aide to Rupert Murdoch, tells a Commons committee that a “rigorous internal investigation” found no evidence of widespread hacking at the paper.



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