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Dramedy Queen Gold from Family Policy Institute of Washington

Comedy gold tonight from Family Policy Institute of Washington, one of NOM’s local front groups. This comes from an Action Alert written by Mr. John Geiss. My, my, someone’s inner drama queen was just screaming to get out.

After the Washington State Senate passed the same-sex marriage bill by a vote of 28-21 on Wednesday, in the cover of night, it was then sent directly to the House.

Oh those evil gays and their bipartisan majority minions in the Legislature, operating “in the cover of night“. It sounds so dramatic! Except it wasn’t. The Senate session started at 6 pm and ended about 90 minutes later. Well ok, it was dark outside. Are all vampire hours the same to Mr. Geiss?

And then what did those evil, discrimination-slaying Senators do? They sent the bill directly to the House! As if there’s something nefarious about that. It’s a fair guess that if the Senate hadn’t sent the bill directly to the House, Mr. Geiss would be claiming that they were dragging their feet in order to rob his NOM overlords of referendum signature gathering time.

After a brief rest on the fainting couch, Mr. Geiss acknowledges that the bill that was sent directly to the House! isn’t getting any in the cover of night treatment real or imaginary over there, but instead has been parked in the House Judiciary Committee where it will receive yet another public hearing (its third) Monday morning, February 6th. After that, if the bill gets a favorable vote during the committee’s executive session (highly expected), then and only then does it gets sent to the House Rules Committee to be scheduled for debate and a vote on the House floor. Mr. Geiss predicts it will land on the House floor Wednesday morning, February 8th at 10am (in the cover of morning?).

In rallying readers to a protest against equality on February 15th, the day he predicts that Gov. Gregoire will sign the bill, Mr. Geiss closed out the email with this head-scratcher:

Bring signs and bull horns and be seen and heard. But please remember to be loving and peaceful!

Peaceful bullhorns. Are those the ones without batteries? And yes, please do be sure to paint hearts on your signs to show how much love is in your equality-quashing hearts!

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