This tiresome, fact-challenged rent-a-pastor continues continues whoring himself in front of any mic he can find to promote his bigotry as he supports the May 8 ballot initiative that will deny gays and lesbians from civil marriage and any other legal recognition.

Patrick Wooden appeared yet again with grade Z homophobe Peter LaBarbera on his Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour. As Brian Tashman of People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch noted (there’s audio of the conversation at RWW):

Wooden has claimed that gay men have to “wear a diaper or a butt plug just to be able to contain their bowels” when they are older as a result of shoving cellphones, baseball bats and animals in their anus. Wooden told LaBarbera that anal obsession is “the very basis of homosexuality” and he simply wants to tell gay men to “get it together, let the Lord deliver you and let God give you a woman, a wife, where you can enjoy the pleasures of a wife” and stop “participating in these perversive, sexual acts.”

Yawn. I know we have a difficult slog to beat this amendment, but with “men of God” like Wooden out there, the “sane” version of bigots here in NC need to be held accountable for being on the side of man who thinks the iPhone is a sex toy for gay men. As if he knows this how?  As pastor of Raleigh’s Upper Room Church of Christ in God, Wooden is making a laughing stock of himself.  After all, he just went on the Mike Signorile show and spouted off this insanity:

Well, have you ever personally witnessed any of this? Have you seen some of this sexual activity?

No, you know I’m not a surgeon, so I wouldn’t be operating. And certainly I’ve never been a homosexual, so I’ve never visited the clubs. I’ve never been to the glory holes. I’ve never been some of the places where it’s alleged that people go into some of the clubs and there’s this wall with holes in it where perfect strangers can participate in sexual activity with perfect strangers. I’ve read in various publications where men meet at parks in different places.

So it was no surprise that when Wooden went on The Peter’s show, he has now take his homoparanoia tap dance act to become a media critic. Glee, and Tyler Perry are clearly Satan’s gateway to homosexuality, and the latter must be creating black gay folks.

Wooden: We’re not talking about some little innocent looking thing that you may see in Glee, two clean cute little boys holding hands acting like two little effeminates and that is what homosexuality is all about and people think that it is something like that when we’re talking about a wicked, perverse lifestyle that destroys people and I think that it’s high time that people who think like we do come out of the closet and let their voices be heard, if not society will continue to go in the toilet.

LaBarbera: Talk about the inroads that gender confusion and homosexuality have made in [the African American] community?

Wooden: I believe one of the major inroads, one of the two that Satan has used Tyler Perry’s character Madea. This guy Tyler Perry he pretends to be an old, African American lady, he dresses up in drag and he’s this Madea character and I think Martin Lawrence he takes on this Big Momma character and these are throwbacks to Flip Wilson’s character I think that it was Geraldine. Well what has happened is, I said this before, in the name of entertainment and jest Satan has caused many to buy a whole lot of wickedness, he’s made great inroads in the name of entertaining us and people flock out because there are those, and I’m talking about good hearted people, they flock out because they love Madea, they love the Tyler Perry movies that feature Madea, but I’m saying to them that Madea is the latest version of RuPaul it is selling perversion and drag to the African American community and I pray that the overwhelming majority, and I see evidence of it, are not buying that perversion.

Gee, since my lesbianism pre-dates Tyler Perry, perhaps I have Flip Wilson to blame for my perversion.

In other news, I tweeted this to the NC House Speaker, who is a supporter of the amendment:

Speaker @thomtillis: Do you concur w/the views of fellow Amendment One supporter, Raleigh’s Rev. Patrick Wooden? #ncpol

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding