Taking a break from chronicling the Susan G. Komen Credibility Death Spiral, there is bad news on the November electoral front.

In fact, this could be A Game Changer:

Ayn Rand may have a voice in the upcoming presidential election if the folks behind the “Atlas Shrugged” series have their way.

“Atlas Shrugged Part 2,” based on Rand’s iconic 1957 novel, begins principal photography in April in Los Angeles, Colorado, and New York. The film’s release window is October 2012, roughly a month before the presidential election.

No word on cast additions or changes yet, but Duncan Scott, an 8-time Emmy winner who worked extensively with Rand in her editing of “We the Living,” has joined the “Atlas” production team.

“Rand has long been the focus of Duncan’s work. He brings invaluable experience to the table as well as an incredible depth of knowledge regarding Atlas. We’re thrilled to have him on the team,” producer John Aglialoro said in a statement.

Today’s announcement, timed for Rand’s birthday, comes with the promise that the filmmakers will try to build upon the first installment.

“We have high aspirations for Part 2. We’ve looked carefully at Part 1 and taken time to analyze and reexamine everything from the script to the casting. John and I are committed to making a great Part 2 and excited about what lies ahead,” producer Harmon Kaslow said in a statement.

Yeah. So how’d Atlas Shrugged 1: Trains Going Into Tunnels…. Get It? So Hawt… do at the box office and in DVD sales?

Like this:

Atlas Shrugged Part 2: Couldn’t Possibly Be Worse Than Part 1 Unless We Introduce Loveable Industrialist Character Jar Jar Binks will probably do better than other notable sequels such as Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2 or Weekend At Bernie’s V: Bag Full O’  Oily Fluids, if only because Atlas Shrugged 2 may contain the rape scene, making it the perfect libertarian date movie…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....