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Inter Occupy Article 5 Work-group Action

Passed unanimously moments ago in the Inter Occupy Article 5 Work-group call, still subject to some language revisions but the action was approved:

What is an Article V Convention? The only direct way citizens can propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States.
Why should OWS do this? Because OWS stands for fundamental changes to our democratic institutions and such a convention, an institution unto itself, is our brightest hope towards bringing about these changes.

What would OWS be proposing as amendments? This is something that needn’t be answered specifically at this time. We can say now though, that our moniker—Occupy Wall Street—is a direct statement about where we see a fundamental problem, the solution to which must take place outside the current nexus of government and corporate institutions.

The proposal today is not about what amendment(s) to discuss and debate at a convention. It is simply about supporting the idea of holding a convention because we recognize it is the only way we citizens can participate directly in our constitutional form of government.
If OWS gets behind the Article V Convention it will create the awareness and political circumstance necessary to bring it about.

**Inter-Occupy Article V Working-group Acknowledgment Action**

We involved with Inter-Occupy Article V Conference call acknowledge the fact that the States have satisfied the required two-thirds numerical threshold to call for a National Constitutional Convention under Article V of the US Constitution and Congress should call a National Constitutional Convention to order.

(We offer the attached data to support our agreement of fact.

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Daniel Marks

Daniel Marks