IMF to Greece: Sacrifice Your Working Poor

In a move worthy of  American Republicans, an IMF official has told Greece to cut the minimum wage and holiday bonuses to workers if they want more IMF funds. Sound familiar? The ruling elites first move is always to take from those who don’t have enough to make life better for those who have far more than enough. It’s all a matter of not punishing “success.” Who would want to have more than enough if they might be forced to disgorge some of that to save their corrupt way of life? Isn’t it more sensible to kill off some of the poor? After all, these are the people who require government help. Fewer of them, less help required. No, not off with a portion of them; down with all of them.

Word to Greece: don’t forget to hire a whole lot more police because you’re going to need them to actually kill off those who revolt.

At the current exchange rate, the 750 euro/month minimum wage is less than six dollars an hour.




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