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John Trudell seems intuitively to understand quantum physics and genetic memory of our ancestors contained within us; you might want to listen to the video as you read.  He is an amazing example of turning poison to medicine, and rising from the ashes as a Phoenix Poet Truthteller.

This week I happened to read a few new reports that served to pull together some ideas that I’d been hoping to weave together into a scrap of cloth that might be described loosely as “We really can get there from here.’ If it sounds to you as you read that  I’ve been drinking too much coffee, lately, I wouldn’t blame you a bit, and advise you that I’m posting this sign just for you:



Let me preface this diary by saying that it’s my belief that wholesale societal and political change for the better can only be accomplished by a major shift in our collective psycho-spiritual condition, although I don’t believe at all that it has to be some slow evolutionary process, but can be forced by events that jar us into enlightening change and awareness, rather like instantaneous Gestalts.

If we’re paying attention to the plethora of crises and dilemmas facing us, and the lack of our government’s will to solve them, it’s easy to be overwhelmed as our heads swivel back and forth trying to become aware of the problems in every sector requiring emergency attention.  We move from crisis to crisis in these days of information overload, and find that our government not only bails out on creative answers, but doesn’t even acknowledge the same needs we see as crucial to the lives of ordinary Americans. That leaves it up to us, or will, after the revolution for democracy succeeds.  There is no dearth of creativity, ingenuity or expertise in this country to create a healthier, sustainable, more peaceful and fair society and government that is responsive to all of us, and our needs to be productive, authentic, artistic, emotionally healthy citizens who understand that our differences are one of our biggest potential strengths.  And yet, we find ourselves baffled by how easily too many allow themselves to be distracted by the shuck-and-jive media culture whose intention is clearly to hide any truth that give voters a glimpse that we live with the illusion of choice at the ballot box and other areas.  Far too many still believe that fighting for one or the other Amoral Candidate matters.  Imagine how afraid the PTB are that we might wake up one day and realize how far we’ve been conned, and grasp that hierarchical governmental models only work for the Overlords, and that whoosh, we really are legion…and they are few…and the jig’s up, dudes.

Dredd’s ideas about Alzheimer’s dementia becoming an overarching national problem has been in the back of my mind for some time, and every day we see events unfold in the political arena and this administration’s foreign policy decisions that indicate a rampant national psychosis.  If Dredd’s right, they may be related.  The disease is sharply on the rise globally, and it’s expected to keep rising.  The theories of its etiology are in their infancy, and while certain medical conditions can indicate predispositions to the disease, but the root cause or causes, are unknown.  At any rate, the onset can take ten to fifteen years, which can mean there are a lot of us who may be a little…uh…symptomatic during that evolution.

We could posit other reasons for the nation’s collective mental oddities, whether they might be from propaganda and advertising, or exposure to chemicals that are known to be neurologically damaging, or diets of foods that have had the life force ripped out of them by genetic modification, chemical farming, the vast over-medicating of the population, and air contaminated with mercury and a host of other pollutants.  We know also how many neurotoxins and carcinogenic chemicals are discharged with extractive mining and fracking, polluting fresh water and earth.

We know that most tap water is crap, and that bottled water is…tap water for the most part, and as far as I’be been able to discover, there are no ‘safe’ bottled waters, and the plastic bottles are helping to kill the planet in any event.  The discovery that small amounts of many medications remain in water after going through water treatment must add up in our bodies over time.  Given the long list of psychoactive products and hormones represented, it’s worrisome, added to the fact that recycled wastewater used in farming introduces those pharmaceuticals into crop plants that we then eat.  Add it up.  Ouch.

Plastic: we know now that the Great Pacific and other Garbage Patches that float around in the ocean’s currents, are full of discarded plastic that breaks down in the sun, and the polymers drift to the ocean floor, cover coral reefs, etc.  The smaller bits are ingested by ocean creatures, and work their way through the food chain, and…into us when we eat them.  But wait!  There’s more!  (I promise there is hope; don’t give up yet!)

The conventional jokes about some oil-based fabrics we’re almost forced to wear now: “Don’t you know how many million tiny polyesters gave their lives to produce those nasty shorts, wendydavis?” turn out to be not so funny now.

BBC News carried a new report this week, showing that every time a damned piece of polyester clothing is washed, it sheds little bits of polymer fibers into the water that is then fed through the system.  These bits are washing onto shores worldwide and…also entering the food chain.

There is simply no way to believe that we’re not negatively impacted by these toxins, both in general and neurological health, both of which may serve to retard our psycho-spiritual development, thus our human relationships and attitudes and beliefs about social and governmental issues.  Again, there is ample evidence that we need some serious healing in this nation to avoid moving beyond some serious tipping points in climate change, potable water, healthy food security, endless war, and economic justice, just to name a few.

That’s the where we are, and how we may have gotten there in leaps and bounds lately portion of the diary; you’ll be thinking of a host of other causal factors, and that’s fine.  Now that you are tempted to put your head in the oven, here are the potential turnarounds.

A recently published theory by Erik Andrulis, PhD, assistant professor of molecular biology and microbiology at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine attempts to show the science that ballasts what many of us have long known by faith, if not the details:  The Earth Is Alive! He calls it: “Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life”:

His theory explains not only the evolutionary emergence of life on earth and in the universe but also the structure and function of existing cells and biospheres.

In addition to resolving long-standing paradoxes and puzzles in chemistry and biology, Dr. Andrulis’ theory unifies quantum and celestial mechanics. His unorthodox solution to this quintessential problem in physics differs from mainstream approaches, like string theory, as it is simple, non-mathematical, and experimentally and experientially verifiable. As such, the new portrait of quantum gravity is radical.

The basic idea of Dr. Andrulis’ framework is that all physical reality can be modeled by a single geometric entity with life-like characteristics: the gyre.

The so-called “gyromodel” depicts objects-particles, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and cells-as quantized packets of energy and matter that cycle between excited and ground states around a singularity, the gyromodel’s center. A singularity is itself modeled as a gyre, wholly compatible with the thermodynamic and fractal nature of life. An example of this nested, self-similar organization is the Russian Matryoshka doll.

By fitting the gyromodel to facts accumulated over scientific history, Dr. Andrulis confirms the proposed existence of eight laws of nature. One of these, the natural law of unity, decrees that the living cell and any part of the visible universe are irreducible. This law formally establishes that there is one physical reality.

Please be grinning by now; I know it’s just a new theory, but an exciting and encouraging one.  The Gaians and Barry Lopez and a host of others have been trying to explain just how closely entwined with the planet and the natural world we are, and must continue to, thus mandating us to care for this big blue-green ball, and exercise care not to further disrupt the balance of ecosystems that are inter-dependent with each other…and us.  Do watch Moyers’ interview with Barry Lopez if you haven’t; it will revive your spirit and feather-dust  your mind immeasurably.

That nice thought allows me to segue to the work being done by the folks at the Global Consciousness Project, hosted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, part of whose purpose is transforming social consciousness…for the better, and demonstrating that intentional thought can change probability outcomes. (Whoosh.) Excerpts from their main page describe their project:

“The Global Consciousness Project is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers. We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in 70 host sites around the world. The data are transmitted to a central archive which now contains more than 12 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials every second.”

Subtle but real effects of intentional consciousness are important scientifically, but their real power is more direct. They encourage us to make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world. Large scale group consciousness has effects in the physical world. Knowing this, we can intentionally work toward a brighter, more conscious future.

They reported that during the first week of OWS in New York there was a noticeable uptick of connected consciousness as they measure it, globally.  Their work ballasts the Hundredth Monkey theory we’re familiar with, or that whales learn new songs from their kin swimming a thousand miles away.  Simply put, there’s evidence that there is a tipping point in the ether/noosphere at which we really can learn from each other and affect the quality of the essence of it by intentionally embodying caring, considerate, and empathetic principles as best we can.  Yes; golden rule standards will work just fine. ;o)

We know through the web that resistance is spreading globally, but we can also feel that solidarity through the ether, and take courage from it.

It’s time to start weaving these threads together if I can manage it; I told you earlier that this was a dairy of hope, and dammit, I hope I can make the case.  The task here might boil down to: How do we turn poison into medicine?

The operating line of this song (slide the bar to 1:50) says, “We don’t need a miracle; we don’t need nothin’ but ourselves”. ‘Ourselves’ have a lot of hard work ahead of us.  We need to aid the awakening of America; we need to stop the murder of the planet and start to heal it; we need to build a government ‘by the people, for the people’ from the ground up; we need to build communities based on love and respect; we need to create businesses based on cooperation, not greed; we need to bring Light to the Darkness; we need to stem the tide of the craziness walking the land; we need to look into our own hearts and souls and make them right, meaning we need to heal ourselves in order to love and not fear others.  These are life or death struggles for our planet, ourselves, our children and grandchildren…and generations to come.  The time is now.  The potential exists, and we must push the envelope.  If we lose now, it will be too late.  They will know we are weak, and that they can control us.  The Way now only leads forward; retreat means…death and slavery.

Here comes the Magic Carpet Ride stuff, though given the new hints, it may be that we hippie philosophers have been right all the while, and waiting to burst forth onto the stage now that the time is ripe, and as Uncle Albert used to muse: science is now meeting spirituality in a way we never dreamt possible, or something close to that…  That which we intuited seems to be so.

The earth is alive, and the ether exists… and is alive and active.  That just might mean that we can use intentional thought to accomplish any or all of the above, even to beneficially affect the very water (another diary, another day) on the earth one day, and help unscramble some of the demented, incoherent  thinking in the land.  Tipping Points, remember…  ;o)

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

~  Robert Kennedy

Advice to Occupy is only too ubiquitous, IMO, but I’m about to add a bit more.  This writer disses Occupy Tucson and other Occupies for ignorant but heartfelt passion.   His contentions belie all that I’ve read or heard that most of them in fact are reimaging the world piece by piece, and working to discover the root causes of our downfall while we allowed power-mad psychopaths to take more control over us.  He does however, link to two organizations working on sustainable and cooperative models for the future.Those in the democracy movement are showing us how true Brotherhood can work as they feed and care for the homeless and hungry, and work to set aside egos and power trips to serve the greater needs of the movement and the rest of the 99%: public banking, cooperatives, alternate currencies, legalizing hemp to revolutionize the fabric industry, among others, and other end runs around enslaving institutions that don’t value us and our contributions and pit us against one another and keep our economic futures dismal enough that we haven’t extra energy to fight back.

I’ve always favored a strong educational ground game, and hope that in the spring Occupies reach out into communities more.  Mr. wendydavis and I have found that two of us Occupying our town are very approachable; folks stop by often and ask, ‘What the hell is it you folks want?”  And we lead them through the catechism or fair vs. unfair, a system now fully rigged for the uber-wealthy who make the laws that favor them, the tax code, the wars they profit from, the crimes that resulted in further criminal cover-ups and taxpayer debt while the big banks won’t lend to small businesses, yada yada.  And whoosh; many of them get it!  (It’s possible my dazzling smile helps, though…)  We listen to them, too, and their questions and concerns about ‘socialism’ and their belief in self-regulating capitalism, tra la la….  Our town of 800 is very supportive of the message brought to them by the Geezer and Geezerette standing on the corner on Saturday afternoons by now.  ;o)

You might consider asking  your GA’s to consider creating a simple explanatory hand-out explaining how we got where we are, and the areas in which fairness needs to be restored!  Discuss creating community garden projects, discover what’s in the water in your communities, and demand it be filtered and cleaned as much as humanly possible.  Organize candlelight vigils for issues whenever you can; picture that art on the teevee news! Organize clear thoughts and imgaes.

Remember that The Great Awakening simply involves recalling what’s likely already in our DNA; the voices of our ancestors whispering their love, support and wisdom, reminding us that we really are all connected, are innately powerful, and should remember to care for one another.  I’d imagine that they know that it’s time for revolutio, Latin for the massive change needed to restore our Constitution to its rightful honor.

“The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both Congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

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