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The Roundup for February 1, 2012

Just 9 exciting months more of horse-race election coverage!

• Yesterday was SuperPAC Tuesday, as SuperPACs had to disclose their donors for the first time in months. And it’s clear that Republicans are using SuperPACs far more effectively, outraising Democratic SuperPACs by 4:1. President Obama is using this as a fundraising angle in his personal solicitations. This campaign will end up so negative that whether the attacks come from Obama central or his SuperPACs may be of little consequence, actually.

• Jesse Eisinger has a follow-up on that Freddie Mac refi story that some observers consider dodgy. He also responded in the comments at Felix Salmon’s site. And pretty much everyone at Felix’ place thinks Eisinger doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve found that the financial blogosphere has smarter commenters than posters, FWIW.

• Another day, another attempt by the financial services industry to chip away at the Volcker rule, which might as well be called the Volcker Suggestion at this point.

• We have a bit more of detail about this impending foreclosure fraud settlement. I’ll have more tomorrow, though you probably knew that.

• President Obama was willing to talk about his drone policy to a YouTube audience, but now the White House has clammed up about it.

• So Allen West told all liberals to “get the hell out” of his district, and a couple days later he gets the hell out of his own district because there are too many liberals in it and he would surely lose. Cut and run coward.

• Democrats in Wisconsin have unveiled their candidates for the series of state Senate recall elections that will coincide with the recall of Scott Walker. They need to win only one of those races to take back the state Senate.

• Turns out that Republicans have a good deal of ethics scandals bubbling up. It only took a year in the majority for the muck to come to light.

• The White House claims that Medicare Advantage remains viable and cost for consumers has reduced in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

• The STOCK Act, as with lots of popular legislation, is about to become a Christmas tree for various ideological message votes.

• We’re in short-term extension mode again on the FAA Authorization bill. Maybe the union backlash will scuttle the proposed bipartisan deal that weakens some labor laws.

• Backed with a large $1 million investment by the DCCC, Suzanne Bonamici won election to Congress in OR-01 last night.

• I like this legislation from Gary Peters (D-MI) that would force disclosure on the number of jobs US companies hold overseas. What could possibly be the objection to this?

• Mitch Daniels quickly signed the right-to-work bill in Indiana. By the way, that whacked-out legislature isn’t nearly done.

• Not only is Mitt Romney having problems in the South, but he could run into trouble in the industrial Midwest because of his prior opposition to the auto industry rescue.

• Good for Occupy Detroit. Sunlight really is the best disinfectant for illegal foreclosures.

• Here’s Gasland director Josh Fox with his statement on his arrest at the hands of Capitol police today.

• You won’t get anywhere near the Facebook IPO; that’s for the rich investors to make money from.

• Love this line about the return of Vito Fossella, the former member of Congress who had a kid with someone other than his wife. Fossella may be mulling a comeback, but he said he had not discussed a possible run for his old seat with his family, and Politicker NY added, “It remains unclear which family he was referencing.”

• Mitt Romney got the glitterbomb in Minnesota today.

• This really sucks. I’ve actually worked in my illustrious career for Don Cornelius Productions. In fact, I once inadvertently used his personal bathroom in the facility, which was a big no-no. I got to meet the guy once and he seemed kind of out of it.

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