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Let’s Pick-This One’s For Busted Knucks, Happy Birthday Ya Old Fart!

This came up on FB from a fest pal and camp mate n musician/sanger pal of mine (not Busted), about a picture with a Canadian metal band on one side and Rush Limbaugh (sadly, Canadian, also) on the other side.

Kind of a Canuckistanian Bi Polar kinda thang I guess.

Anyhoots, I thot immediately of Busted Knucks cuz he’s an admitted metal head.

(edited here)

Dang, I just hit Busted’s site and found out it’s his BIRTHDAY today! Jan 31!!!

So, take a second, drop by his place and wish him a happy 52 old fart years . . . if ya don’t know him, bookmark him and check him out, he’s a hoot, genuine and well, he’s got at least ONE Silver Sailor’s Tongue Award, so he ain’t for the faint of heart. *G*

N Now, back to our pickin . . .

But the picture led to a couple of tunes I had LONG forgotten I really, really still like.

Metal, go figger, from Larue.

These two are for you Busted, n all you 3 man band metal heads out there . . . they are the BEST this stuff ever got, n this trio just don’t suck on them.

Can’t get enough of that one, still . . . *G*

Now, there’s a LOT of great bass players out there, down thru the ages.

Rock, jazz, bluegrass dawghouses n some PHENOM’s in the newgrassy style . . . stellar players, know every micron of their fretboards, with or without frets . . . Magic comes to mind when I think of Stanley Clarke on either electric or the acoustic double bass (dawghouse) with Chic Correa or more recently (saw them at Berrty Fest in ’06 I think?), with Jean Luc Ponty, n Bela Fleck . . . but I’ll hold this one up with many . . . Rush at their best live.

N that’s that.

One metal banging let’s pick, for Busted and his still relatively new, bride.


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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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