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How Much is That Moron in The Window? The John Kline Story

I know that Republican legislators generally aren’t picked for their brainpower — intelligence might make it harder for them to follow orders, and the idea is for the mass of them to do whatever their staffers (who often are hand-picked by their top donors or their patrons within the party) tell them to do — but really, is there a dumber member of Congress, at least in Minnesota, than John Kline?

Here’s a nice example from the town hall he held in the junior high school of Shakopee, a Twin Cities suburb in his congressional district. Now you all know how Congress is scrambling, in the wake of last Sunday’s 60 Minutes exposé, to pass the STOCK Act to outlaw insider trading by members of Congress. It’s not passed yet, but it might be by the end of the week.

According to John Kline, it’s already illegal — as he repeatedly states to an audience filled with people who know better — and he seems to imply that it’s been illegal for some time.

Even better: He claims that he never got a Congressional pay raise over the last four years, but the truth is that he got two pay raises, both pretty sizable ones. I don’t know how rich, dumb, or both one has to be not to notice when your take-home pay starts going up; I’m sure most of the folks filling that Shakopee junior-high auditorium aren’t so rich or so stupid that they wouldn’t notice a few extra bucks in their paychecks.

Just watch the video. Kline has to be seen to be believed. I almost suspect he’s really a wannabee Grecian Formula model who took a wrong turn on his way to the casting call and wound up at Republican headquarters instead; that’s the only explanation that makes sense for his career.

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