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Anti-gay TN lawmaker Stacey Campfield whines about booting from restaurant, buttsex obsession

It’s nice to see a bigot get a taste of his own medicine. As you may have heard, the “don’t say gay bill” legislator in Tennessee, State Senator Stacey Campfield, was booted out of a restaurant in Knoxville, The Bistro at the Bijou, by the owner for his recent remarks about gays and the origin of AIDS.

“When I saw him at the front door, I told him to leave,” [Owner Martha] Boggs said Monday. “It’s just my way to show support for the gay community and stand up to somebody I think is a bully. He’s really gone from being stupid to dangerous. I think he needs to know what it feels like to be discriminated against.”

Campfield responded with a blog post comparing himself to Jesus Christ and to the civil-rights demonstrators of the 1960s.

“Unfortunately some people do not let facts get in the way of their prejudice,” he wrote. “I guess some people still support segregation. Just segregation of thought.”

Wow. That’s balls. Nice touch for a lawmaker trying to ensure that LGBT Tennesseans don’t have the same rights that he has.

David Pakman had Campfield come onto his show to hear how he felt about his “civil rights being violated.” Like Patrick ‘glory holes/diaper pastor’ Wooden, Campfield breezily confirms his obsession with butt sex, as if this has anything to do with things like, oh, equality in public access for LGBTs, civil marriage or employment non-discrimination laws. By the way, NOW, after his incident at the Bistro at the Bijou, Campfield thinks LGBTs shouldn’t be denied public access. How big of him.  David:

I just interviewed TN state senator Stacey Campfield. He said an incredible amount of stuff:

1) He admitted to getting kicked out of lesbian-owned restaurant and is saying he MIGHT BE PROTECTED BY CIVIL RIGHTS ACT;

2) He says so-called homosexuality in the animal kingdom is just “dominance,” kinda like S&M, and not real homosexuality;

3) He goes into detail about anal sex, and explains why he is obsessed with it when I ask him…

The bad press about Campfield really started heating up last week after an interview with Mike Signorile. As usual, Mike let the bigoted guests expose the fact-challenged foolishness on the air.

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