I remember well my personal experience with Newt’s venality. When he was Speaker of the House and regarded by many as the country’s most powerful person, he threatened me with a lawsuit and a federal racketeering charge for advocating non-violent protests against him. Can you imagine? Criminalizing protest?

The problem with Newt is that nothing matters to Newt except Newt.

It is not just fun to watch Newt and Mitt rip each other, it is good for our country and its working families.

Newt and Mitt are revealing the soft underbelly of Republican politics – the extreme antipathy toward working people.   Both favor wiping out collective bargaining, workers rights, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare and health care protections.

Romney calls his destruction of thousands of jobs just healthy capitalism.

Gingrich says not all capitalism is good.

Neither say the fundamental truth–that the American people deserve an economy that works for all of us, that we cannot have a healthy economy or a strong democracy without an economy that works for all.

It is a ton of fun to watch Gingrich and Romney try to cover each other with old-fashioned manure.

My new book, Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, tells the story of the grassroots fight against Newt and his Contract with America. That fight from the ground up turned “the powerful speaker” into the “controversial speaker”. In the effort we learned just how mean and megalomaniacal Newt is. In fact, Newt is the living, breathing definition of narcissist.