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Occupy Nashville: Haslam’s Hatching An Egg
The calm between storms.

Once again Occupy Nashville labored under two extremely different opposing forces; Mother Nature and the TN Legislature. Mother Nature shot her wad early in the week, and tornado sirens blasted until 2 am Sunday night/Monday morning along with heavy rain and winds, and she followed up midweek with a slow moving heavy rain, before finally clearing up and presenting a beautiful Saturday for a GA, with a blue sky and temperatures near 50. In spite of all this, ON still sports about 40 odd tents and some 60 or so sleepers. Today’s GA featured about 30 people, with some making their way back from Occupy Congress in DC.

General Assembly  Nashville 28 Jan #1

General Assembly Nashville 28 Jan #2

During the week, ON participated in a National Day of Action against for-profit prisons on the 24th, earning the FDL seal of approval. And they also prepared for the upcoming struggle against the Legislature. HB 2638/SB 2508 are starting the long laborious process of wending their way through both Chambers, with the House Judiciary sub-committee the next stop this Wednesday at 3:30 in Room 30. Fortunately, the enemy is the TN Legislature. Drunk on revenge, they may shoot their own foot off. Unfortunately, they have a well financed friend.

And that’s an awfully long shaft they have, all the better to stick us with.

ON plans on a meet and greet strategy with officials. They’ve already called for friends of ON to email Gov. Haslam and the bill’s sponsors, and have upped the ante with a request for phone calls and visits to the House Judiciary Subcommittee and a series of petitions passed around GA (If they are online, I haven’t found them). As this bill will effect all TN occupations, and if successful, all occupations, there’s a lot at stake. Nashville Occupier MohawkMick now posts here, and he plans on reporting on Wednesday’s action, as well as other ON happenings.

Planning Direct Action the ON way.
Direct Action #2  28 Jan
Direct Action #1 28 Jan

Next Friday and Saturday (3-4 Feb.) will feature action against the current Neocon wet dream of a war with Iran and Barry’s dream of a second Libya (with all the suffering and death being by foreigners and all the cost carried by US taxpayers), including a teach in after GA. (Aside: Notice Barry is taking a page from Harry Truman, to “turn leftward on domestic issues while veering rightward on foreign policy,” leftward at least rhetorically, as in the SOTU address.)

Lowell sings us out, prepping us for the long haul.

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