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Late Night FDL: One Heckuva Week for Body Language

Wow. What a week. First, we have the State of the Union speech with some major body language communication going on:

Obama hugging Gabby Giffords.
– Hillary Rodham Clinton leaning in to speak to someone.
Obama shaking John Boehner’s hand and Boehner’s trying NOT to smile, giving his face this sort of weird wrinkly mouth.
– Eric Cantor grimly biting his lip.
Obama talking to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, putting his hand on Shinseki’s shoulder.

and then there was….(cue scary music) that Arizona thing.

With the finger.

I can’t use the photo, so I will direct readers to their own link and I will direct you NOT to Jan Brewer’s finger (or her mouth for that matter which looks as if she is screaming at the top of her lungs… though perhaps there was engine noise and she just wanted the President to hear what she had to say), but to the President’s right arm and hand (which you can’t see but which you can sort of figure out where it is from the angle and so on). He has moved in and is either putting his hand or trying to put his hand on her arm (perhaps on her elbow). He is trying to draw her in, reduce the distance between them.

Fat chance, Barry.

But, my point remains — this week has seen a lot of attention being paid to political body language and I think people are noticing something.

Republicans have the tightest, most hostile and aggressive body language out there. Anyone else agree? What did you see this week that either confirms my point or proves me wrong?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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