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With each debate, public esteem for both parties sinks deeper

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OOPS!   There goes another Republican myth! They don’t balance the budget.  They just claim they balance the budget!  They rob social security and the working class to make it appear as if they balance the budget.

Last night we learned what the Republicans REALLY mean when they say they “balanced” the budget.  They mean they took money out of Social Security–a fully funded entitlement by the American workers that should be hands off.   Anything but making the investor class pay a fair percentage of income tax–that the way of the investor class, Democrats and Republicans alike who are currently in Washington DC.

In spite of his other short-comings, the American people owe Ron Paul a cheer for calling the public’s attention to what Gingrich really meant when he said he “balanced” the budget.

Newt has been claiming that he “balanced the budget four times when he was Speaker.  Ron Paul pointed out last night that Gingrich didn’t balance the budget.  What the Republicans did was to take money out of Social Security.  Borrowing money is not balancing a budget.  Ron Paul even attacked the party’s sacred cow–Ronald Reagan whose administration did the same thing.

Ron Paul pointed out that the national debt during those four years Newt brags about actually went up about a trillion dollars. He pointed out that Gingrich doesn’t count the money he took out of Social Security.  Paul said. “So neither Reagan nor you had a truly balanced budget, because the national debt goes up and that’s what we pay the interest on.”

Gingrich responded: “Under the system that was used, we were $405 billion in balance.”  [What a lying weasel.]

At this point, the audience booed Gingrich.   I’m glad the point of Gingrich’s dishonest wasn’t missed on them.


It’s not just the Republican brand that’s coming apart at the seams!

THEY ALL MUST GO!   WASHINGTON ENTRENCHED DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS ALIKE! Vote for anyone but a Democrat or a Republican in 2012.

If you are thinking that this is all about the Republicans, it is not.  The Washington leadership of BOTH parties are to blame!  Many of the same jackasses who were in Congress when Gingrich was in Congress and robbing Social Security are still there today.  In case you have forgotten, Bill Clinton, the president who turned the American people over to the Wall Street financial institutions was the guy in charge of balancing the budget.  Clinton worked hand in glove with Gingrich on that one.

If you will remember the ‘bipartisan’ Deficit Commission that President Obama appointed to reduce the deficit, you will remember that the first thing those jackasses went after was Social Security. You will realize that the more things “change” with the entrenched investor class, the more things remain the same.

Deficits are created by budget items–things that we purchase like war munitions for example.  Social Security is not a budget item because it is a totally funded and self-sustaining program.  But that didn’t stop the investor class a-holes who were hand-selected by President Obama from going after Social Security the first thing.  Social Security as a fully funded program was not even in the scope of this group’s discussions.  If  Obama were a leader, he would have pointed that out to the committee instead of giving them free reign to ride rough shod over the American people with his silence.

BUT FOR NOW FLORIDIANS:  VOTE FOR GINGRICH TO KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING FOR AMERICA!  This is the best education the American people have ever had regarding the criminal behavior of BOTH parties.


Note on Social Security and the investor class:  Since they robbed the coffers of the working class, they should be required to return that money and here is how:

ALL Americans should pay Social Security tax on all of their income.  Currently, only the majority of Americans, those of us who earn less than $106,000 a year, are required to pay Social Security on 100% of our income.  Any American earning more than $106,000 doesn’t pay a cent of social security tax on amounts earned above that.

In other words, the members of the US Congress don’t pay Social Security taxes on at least half of their annual income.

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry