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Florida GOP Debate Liveblogging

If it’s a day of the week, it must be time for another Republican primary!

Tonight they’re in Florida, home of the big winner-take-all primary next Tuesday, and it looks like it’s going to come down to a battle between the Swiss bank account guy and the upstart, outsider foe of the GOP old guard… who may have also been Speaker of the House fifteen years ago, but that’s probably just a malicious rumor being spread by the desperate Republican establishment.

Who will pander harder for the Cuban vote?  Will Santorum or Paul be able to make a move?  Will Wolf Blitzer ask probing, tenacious follow-up questions? (Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that one.)  Will any of us be able to sit through the whole thing?

Watch it online here… if you dare!  And, uh, if you don’t get a popup blocker error message.

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