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State of the Union

President Obama’s, brilliant State of the Union address last
night left my glass half full. I hope it is enough to get him re-elected if we
can get enough open-minded, common sense Good Samaritans to the polls. What he
left out his speech is the facts of how our once Great Nation became once again
divided into the red and blue states. I am speaking of the very large group of
simple-minded Americans that follow the likes of the Rush Limbaugh’s and Glenn
Beck’s of Fox News. They are getting filthy rich doing the same thing Tokyo
Rose did during the Second World War for Japan; pimping for the very rich and
wise historians of world history.

Throughout history the rich and powerful have used fear-mongering
and religious zealots to help them to divide, conquer and oppress nation after
nation such as Iran. Most all wars have been fought in the name of someone’s
God. The fact is, if there is a God he clearly never gave anyone like minds. Of
all the religions on Earth, no one has ever proven there is a God. What is
clear in history is that whoever God may be he needed a Nation of open-minded,
common sense Good Samaritans. That is why I believe God inspired our
Forefathers to write one of the most admired documents ever written, the
Constitution of the United States. I have found that the most fundamental right
given me is the freedom for or against any Religion in Amendment one of our

If there is a God he clearly tries to teach us through
history and nature. I can guarantee you that if you walk any nature trail in
the same direction until you think you know the trail like the back of your
hand and then walk it backwards you will not go far into the trail until you
will think you are lost. If you use all your God given senses and walk the trail
you will find God providing for all his creations. You will never find the
trail the same from one day to the next. You will also find that Gods Earth
will sustain just so much life of any species. All human beings were born with
an un-equal but a pure mind. Just like our rivers that are crystal clear and
pure in the beginning, get so polluted with fragments of previous life you
can’t see through them as they flow on to the Ocean to be purified and return
to nourish all of Gods creations. Our minds can become polluted with some ones else’s
interpretation of life if we ignore what life has taught us.

Just like everyone
else I can’t prove that there is a God. For those Americans of the 1930
generation that believe there is a God; I know that if they would walk theirs
lives backwards there is enough proof that the United States was the example
God needed for the rest of the World up through the Second World War. That war should
have proved we have nothing to fear from anyone as long as we Honor our
Constitution. With the help of the allies we had developed we defeated the
three most powerful Nations on Earth at the same time. Since that war we have
used the most powerful military in the world to attack three small countries
that never attacked us; Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq and lost all three wars. No
one has been held accountable to our Constitution much less God. How many more
of our sons and daughters will we sacrifice in Iran to satisfy the Evangelicals
in what was the USA.

Every open-minded, common sense American should know how far
backwards our Nation has gone ever since we armed Israel with my guess even the
atomic bomb. The Evangelicals of the Christian Faith that believe we have to
protect Israel abandoned the old Democratic Party that used to represent the
less fortunate and working Americans when our Supreme Court ruled that a women
has the right to an abortion.

As a child I was taught about an Almighty God that created
all livings things and that God needed US to be united as Good Samaritans as
described in the Holy Bible. I have found many reasons to believe that is true.
I have found no reason to believe that an almighty God that created all living
things would need a chosen anything. I have to ask, do the Muslims despise us
because we had it so good, as the Evangelicals want us to believe or do they
despise us because we have armed their enemy? What happened to in God we Trust?

The rich and powerful Republicans have used the narrow-minded
Evangelicals to divide us once again into the Red and Blue States. We have
become the most fearful Nation on Gods Earth. We fear everything from God to
Government, Muslims, Labor Unions, taxes, a Woman’s Right to Choose, to
homosexuals.  Evangelicals have more
faith that the rich and powerful will judge us the way they want us to be judged
than they have in God. An open-minded, common sense American would realize that
most of the Red States are the same States that it took our Civil War to prove
to the Confederates that God never gave us Black People, or any other people to
be slaves for the wealthy.

Only a fool would not realize the Clowns running to replace
President Obama are using the same fear mongering tactics they have used ever since
a woman’s right to choose to take our Nation back to where President George W
Bush left our once Great Nation, back into the dark ages our Forefathers led us
out of divided, desperate and hungry. I am with what appears the Majority of
Americans, that aren’t yet convinced that President Obama can re-unite our
people but I am not a fool. United we stand; divided we fall. The truth will
set our children free.


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