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Monument to the Armenian Genocide of 1915 in Arnouville, France. (photo: P.poschadel/Wikimedia)

The coffee’s freshly ground, there’s a wide variety of teas and the sticky buns are homemade.

  • “The International Monetary Fund has slashed its growth forecasts for most major countries in 2012 and urged governments to adjust the ‘rhythm’ of their austerity measures to avoid derailing economic recovery. In an update of the forecasts in its autumn World Economic Outlook, the IMF said output in most major economies were, ‘decelerating but not collapsing’. It pinned much of the blame on the debt crisis in the eurozone, where it expects GDP to shrink by 0.5% during this year.”
  • “Six warships from the United States, Britain and France are on standby patrolling the Straits of Hormuz, the entrance to the Persian Gulf from where a fifth of all the world’s oil exports comes through by ship….But an embargo on Iran’s oil will hurt us all in different ways; but it may well hurt us in the West more than it hurts them.”
  • “Turkey has warned Nicolas Sarkozy that he will compound ‘France’s political, legal and moral mistakes’ and face retaliatory action if he signs a law making it a crime to deny that the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks nearly a century ago constitutes genocide.”
  • “The head of Egypt’s military council has said that the country’s decades-old state of emergency will be lifted on Wednesday, the first anniversary of the uprising that brought down president Hosni Mubarak. ‘I have taken a decision to end the state of emergency starting on the morning of January 25, 2012,’ Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi said in a televised address on Tuesday, adding that it would still apply in dealing with cases of ‘thuggery’.”
  • From Real News: “One Year After Egyptian Revolution, Military Dictatorship Lives On. Egyptian activists organize in preparation for Revolution anniversary.”
  • Mr Robert: “Turning round a story is one of the most difficult tasks in journalism – and rarely more so than in the case of Iran. Iran, the dark revolutionary Islamist menace. Shia Iran, protector and manipulator of World Terror, of Syria and Lebanon and Hamas and Hezbollah. Ahmadinejad, the Mad Caliph. And, of course, Nuclear Iran, preparing to destroy Israel in a mushroom cloud of anti-Semitic hatred, ready to close the Strait of Hormuz – the moment the West’s (or Israel’s) forces attack.”
  • “China’s ruling Communist Party’s 80 million members attend special schools to learn party ideology at facilities that serve as a training ground for the next generation of Chinese leaders.”

Oh, and Osterity gave his first major campaign speech last night.  Whoopie.

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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