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Dead Air

All the punditry, some good (or at least good-hearted) and some just plain hateful and depressing—and for substance, for what it is to  be a human  being, sour mildewed noxious dead air. Nobody can talk about anything historically or  personally or species aware, let alone relevant. It reminds me of those old films of the first flying machines (all kinds of wild  constructions). The “pilots” of these cartoon contraptions seemed to believe that, given the right opportunity of wind and trajectory, they could fly. And of course, you recall, several of them were off the dock into the water or off the cliff  onto the rocks below.  I see our political discourse and schemes as just that iconic scene. Many off the cliff, wings flapping, hollering “I’m flying! I’m flying!  while falling to the inevitable destinaion on the wave-crashed rocks below.

There’s nothing to be said or heard that matters, that makes any difference other than to reinforce and likely create more idiocy.  All in the name of political concern and political action.  There’s an appropriate line from a Bruce Cockburn song: “The problem with normal is it always gets worse!”   Of course! Normal is delusion, addiction, and denial…a downward spiral if there ever was one. No one has a primary question  or a viable historical perspective. How can  we have and manifest anything more than regurgitations?

How about this for a question to begin with: What is is to be a human being? or What have human beings beein conditioned by for 99.99% of their history? Those two questions might be the basis for a worthwhile, maybe even constructive, discussion…..Naaaaaagh! Who would care!

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