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Let’s Pick-My Birthday

So, I decided to feature this vid cuz I can’t find the vids of St. Mike Auldridge of his first two solo albums, which I grew up on, as a wanna be dobro player in ’70’s or so.

He did two albums solo, then a third one, in the early to mid 70’s.

Of course he did a lot of music with Seldom Scene before and after this time.

But it’s my birfday today, and I get to show this vid, two songs with great musicians, and St. Mike, doing two great songs.

N honestly, This Ain’t Grass is one of my fav St. Mike tunes, ever. N it’s from his first solo album, or the next one . . . but this rocks.

This Ain’t Grass but it sure as hayall is pickin, sohn!!!!

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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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