Brian Williams: Thumb on GOP Debate Scale

Let me be clear, as a former Democrat I don’t care who wins the GOP nomination. After Obama capitulated on the public option and extended the GWB tax cuts, I vowed that I would vote for what ever turd the GOP crapped into the American presidential toilet bowl. I even said that includes Sarah Palin(she required special recognition). That being said, I prefer that neither the Right Wing nor “Left” Wing corporate media favor one candidate over another. The media seemed fair when Mitt Romney was cake walking to the GOP nomination, but since Newt Gingrich won the S.C. primary, the “Left” Wing and Right Wing corporate media has lost their freaking minds.

There has been approximately 200 Republican debates(joke), and until Newt had a legitimate chance of winning, no one cared about the debate rules. Brian Williams either decided that he couldn’t defend his idiotic questions like Juan Williams and John King or Brian Williams decided to give Mitt Romney an advantage. Either Brian Williams is a stupid cowardly “journalist” or he put his thumb on the debate scale. I don’t believe Williams is a coward or he couldn’t handle Newt in verbal combat. If I’m correct, then there is only one conclusion. Williams wanted to take the crowd out of the debate because Newt had been better at playing the crowd. And by my standards, Brian Williams and Mitt Romney ganged up on Newt Gingrich. I’m sure like Mitt’s Super PAC, Williams and Romney didn’t coordinate this attack but none the less it was an unfair attack.

Mitt Romney is a seasoned politician who has been running for president for at least 4 years. He has given hundreds of speeches to audiences of every size. If he can’t deliver an applause line to Red Meat Republican crowd than does anyone believe he deserves the Republican nomination. For the last 6 months the Republican electorate has bounced around from Michele Bachmann to Herman Cain to Rick Santorum because they inherently know that Mitt Romney is a flawed candidate. Now that the voting has started, it’s absolutely clear that Republicans don’t want Mitt Romney. But Brian Williams, Wall Street, and the New York media refuse to let the 99% choose their leaders. Brian Williams owes Newt Gingrich, the Republican Party, and the American people an apology.

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