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#OccupySupply State of the Occupation, 1/23/2012: Current List of Encampments

Bob A. of Occupy Buffalo, photo by Mark H.

Bob A. of Occupy Buffalo, photo by Mark Haller

Below is the up-to-date list of the status of Occupy encampments across the country, based on reports from OccupySupply liaisons of the FDL Membership Program who deliver supplies to them regularly.

Listed separately are occupations that have received eviction notices from the city or county, those that have moved indoors, as well as those that are not allowed to have an overnight presence but maintain tents and booths during the day. This week we are also adding a list of occupations camping out on foreclosed homes.

The permanent up-to-date list of encampments can be found here:

FDL OccupySupply State of the Occupation: Updated List of Encampments Across the Country

Current Encampments

1 Occupy Anchorage 31 Occupy Madison
2 Occupy Asheville 32 Occupy Memphis
3 Occupy Atlanta 33 Occupy Miami
4 Occupy Austin 34 Occupy Milwaukee
5 Occupy Boise 35 Occupy Monterey
6 Occupy Buffalo 36 Occupy Nashville
7 Occupy Charlotte 37 Occupy New Haven
8 Occupy Chattanooga 38 Occupy Newfoundland
9 Occupy Cleveland 39 Occupy Orlando
10 Occupy Delaware (Wilmington) 40 Occupy Palm Beach
11 Occupy DesMoines 41 Occupy Phoenix
12 Occupy Dover DE 42 Occupy Pittsburgh
13 Occupy East LA College 43 Occupy Providence
14 Occupy Erie 44 Occupy Raleigh
15 Occupy Fairbanks 45 Occupy Reno
16 Occupy Flint 46 Occupy Riverside
17 Occupy Fort Wayne 47 Occupy Rochester
18 Occupy Freedom Plaza 48 Occupy Sacramento
19 Occupy Fullerton 49 Occupy Salt Lake City
20 Occupy Gainesville 50 Occupy San Jose
21 Occupy Harrisburg 51 Occupy San Luis Obispo
22 Occupy Houston 52 Occupy Scranton
23 Occupy Ithaca 53 Occupy Syracuse
24 Occupy Kansas City 54 Occupy Tacoma
25 Occupy Kstreet 55 Occupy Talahassee
26 Occupy Lancaster PA 56 Occupy Tampa
27 Occupy Las Cruces NM 57 Occupy Toronto
28 Occupy Las Vegas 58 Occupy Trenton
29 Occupy Lincoln 59 Occupy Vacaville
30 Occupy Little Rock 60 Occupy Winston-Salem

Occupations Threatened with Eviction

  1. Chattanooga
  2. Claremont
  3. Columbia SC
  4. Honolulu HI
  5. Louisville KY
  6. Oakland CA
  7. Portland ME
  8. San Diego CA

Occupations With Daytime Tents or Booths

  1. Everett
  2. Santa Rosa
  3. Columbus

Occupations That Have Moved Indoors

  1. Detroit
  2. Tulsa
  3. St. Louis

Occupying Homes

  1. Occupy Colorado Springs
  2. Occupy Frederick

Previous Reports:

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