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Occupy the; a Panel Will Answer Your Questions! Do You Have Any? [Updated]

A few hours ago I got an email from My President (and yours).  This is the main part of the email:

What would you ask President Obama?

Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address at 9:00 p.m. ET.

During that speech, he’ll lay out his vision for an America where hard work and responsibility are rewarded, where everyone does their fair share, and where everyone is held accountable for what they do.

Immediately following the President’s speech on Tuesday, be sure to stay tuned to for a live panel featuring senior White House advisors answering your questions about the speech. [yada, yada, snip]

Check out to learn more about watching the enhanced State of the Union online and all the ways you can ask questions this week.

Jay Carney said this about his boss’s SOTU:

“The speech will include “the principles that President Obama has brought to public service since he began his career in public service.” (Wot?)

“And I’m sure that the campaign is focused on those same ideas, because they are working to get the president re-elected.” (Wot?  Ideas?  Wot wot?)

Bloomberg reports:

“Obama previewed his message in a Dec. 6 speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, that invoked the populism of President Theodore Roosevelt. Economic inequality has left millions of Americans feeling that “the basic bargain that made this country great has eroded,” he said.

That means more “fairness” is needed in the tax code and in making sure that financial firms play by the same rules as other businesses, according to Obama. More details will be in the president’s 2013 budget, which will go to Congress Feb 13.” (WWTRHDAFYOND, or: ‘What Would Teddy Roosevelt Have Done After Four Years of Not Doing?’)

And from the NYT, from a leaked classified report:

“KABUL, Afghanistan — American and other coalition forces here are being killed in increasing numbers by the very Afghan soldiers they fight alongside and train, in attacks motivated by deep-seated animosity between the supposedly allied forces, according to American and Afghan officers and a classified coalition report.”

Zero Hedge has a piece up in anticipation of the SOTU; he shows some of the economic numbers, cool graphs and polling numbers; the President has a tough row to hoe tonight.

Recent Gallup polling has documented Americans’ discontent on a number of fronts, including with the economy, the overall direction of the country, the federal government, both political parties, the media, big business, education, U.S. healthcare coverage, and gas prices. Of the 24 issues Gallup polled on in the recent survey, 13 have satisfaction scores below 40%. Public satisfaction has declined by a significant margin on 9 since January 2008, including to worrisome lows on the economy and system of government. Despite recent gains in the Gallup Economic Confidence Index, the large majority of Americans in early January say they are dissatisfied with the nation’s economy.

Uh-oh.  ‘ It’d all be better ‘cept for that damned Congress, and those crap Republicans.’

What would you like to ask the President?  Please get some practice here.  Prizes will be awarded, but they…er…have yet to be determined.  All decisions by judges are final.  But they…er…have yet to be determined, too.  ;o)

Then consider participating tomorrow night; the man needs to hear from us, srsly.  ;o)

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