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It will soon be time to settle

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There comes a time, if you are in a mood to marry, that you are more than aware of your potential mates foibles. They chew strangely, they occasionally smell, they don’t like the same shows you like, etc. But all-in-all they’ll do because after all you aren’t exactly perfect.

And if marrying is the most important thing of all, you’ll sadly take what you can get.

Newt Gingrich may have won South Carolina, and Mitt Romney may be a terrible politician, but of the GOP’s potential suitors he’s the best remaining option.

And Republicans seem to agree, in their inimitable manner:

In a January 14-17 YouGov poll, 66% of Gingrich supporters said they had a “very” or “somewhat favorable” opinion of Romney. About 15% were neutral. The remaining 19% were unfavorable, but only 2% were said “very unfavorable”—which is how I would translate “deep dissatisfaction.” The same thing is true of Santorum supporters: 57% had a favorable view of Romney.

So they are going to settle (and since Andrew Sullivan is predicting otherwise…they’ll settle) for Romney…for the least bad of a series of bad choices. All before the likely divorce on November 7, 2012.

Which is unfortunate in a way because Gingrich can definitely handle divorce.

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