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Occupy Minneapolis is alive and well

Occupy Minneapolis Has A New Website!

The website is also still active as a source for articles and information, but is not interactive.

December 25th, 2011  From the website.

Tyr, Viking god of somethingWhen the Occupy Minneapolis General Assembly set sail across choppy seas many weeks ago, like the vikings of yore, they had no way to set up forums, events, or for members of officially recognized committees and informal groups to communicate online with each other and the outside world. It was in the midst of these dark times that the General Assembly of Minneapolis handed down a quest: to create an official website at OccupyMinneapolis.MN.

A noble band of web-warriors was assembled, and they set out to construct a website that could be a tool for Occupiers in Minneapolis and beyond, that encouraged horizontal organizing, and remained as non-hierarchical as possible. With a berserker  zeal, they adapted the open source code of, created by Occupy Wall Street’s TechOps & Internet Working Groups, to create OccupyMinneapolis.MN: a site which not only presents press releases and events from Occupy Minneapolis, but allows users to join and participate in committees and groups and engage in the movement directly.  Control over events, forums, documents, and more, is handled by groups, not by website content gatekeepers.

Today, the dark ages end. Rejoice by creating an account and joining working groups, committees, or starting one of  your own!  Read the user guide we’ve created! Events can be synced out to Google Calendar & RSS feeds. Instead of “Like”-ing someone else’s activities or status updates, you can twinkle them, just like in real life! If you have something that could help out – Volunteers or donations —we have a page for that, too! Raise your goblets high, fellow Occupiers, for today, our future is bright!

More news

While not able to maintain a presence on the People’s Plaza in downtown Minneapolis in the cold, the General Assembly still meets, as well as holding a Wednesday night gathering at Walker Church in South Minneapolis.  Active groups include, but are not limited to, a group around mortgage and foreclosure action, supporting those who have been served; a WHealthly Village (see more below); and the Pirates (see link below).  Occupy St. Paul visited Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s office last week to protest indefinite detention in the NDAA, which she voted for.

The WHealthy Human Village is just in the beginning stages, inviting others to be part of building this beautiful space.

Whealthy HumanVillage

It’s About…
the future generations
the Earth our Mother
healing from Poisons
recovering what was lost
belonging to the Earth
coming together as a Family
being functional-things in the right places
cross-cultural conversations
sharing stories & histories
Respect-cultures, identities and cultural differences
SHOW people a new way of Life
zero waste: use everything
sustainable living
work and community service

Contact Information

  • American Indian Center, Franklin and Bloomington, Minneapolis




Here is a recent video about Occupy Minneapolis:

Here are the Occupirates confronting the banksters:

Uploaded by  on Jan 18, 2012

On January 18th, the Minneapolis Occupirates did march upon US Bank, demanding an immediate end to the plundering of homes and nations.

And last week Occupy St. Paul, with some Occupy Minneapolis folks, visited Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office re the NDAA and indefinite detention:

Here is the link the the WAMMToday blog:




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