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Apple Is Evil: Never Buy Another Apple Product

Everyone should read the entirety of this article at once, it is one of the best investigative reporting pieces from the New York Times I’ve seen in a long time.  It exposes Apple’s nakedly cynical, dishonest, and exploitative conduct with its foreign “workforce”.

You’ll see:


  • Apple executives gushing on about how they can have 8,000 people roused from “company dormitories” in China at midnight, “given a biscuit and cup of tea”, and then “guided to workstations” for a 12 hour shift.
  • Apple executives lying about this reality while the sweatshop operators in China tell the truth.
  • Apple executives bullying the White House and government claiming that they can’t employ people in the US as the US doesn’t have skilled tradespeople anymore, when in reality the executives just don’t want a class of workers with rights.
  • A sweatshop in china that hosts nearly a quarter of a million workers.
  • How Apple is degrading the labor rights of hundreds of thousands of people in Asia, while degrading the prosperity of the American economy, for a net profit gain of 64 dollars per iPhone sold.
  • The Chinese government underwriting it.
  • Apple’s newest CEO looking at a half-billion dollar compensation package tallied up over the next 10 years.

I will never again buy an Apple product. To do so is to subsidize the absolute worst excesses of American brute capitalism, to contribute to the degradation and reduction of the lives and well-beings of workers everywhere, and to feed crack to the crack-junky American capitalist “executive” class.  These executives rely on the Chinese government to imprison and kill worker and union activists, and to offer the Chinese population up as industrial cannon fodder.  These executives hold no loyalty to the American nation they reside in and to the people and government here from which they profoundly benefit.

In reality, these “executives” should be chased into the sea.

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