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Jonah Goldberg Is Surprisingly Less Gangsta Than You Probably Thought

Yes, I know, It’s hard to believe:

Last night in my dozen observations on the debate I wrote:

5. [Romney] also made some sort of reference to coming from the “streets of America.” Romney is a fine man, but if there’s anyone less “street” than Mitt Romney I don’t know who it could be. If he’s street than I’m the shock collar for a vicious Mexican drug gang.

Well it turns out that the term is “shot caller” as in “he who calls the shots.” I’ve always heard “shock caller” when watching such shows as Sons of Anarchy. The term made vague sense to me in that it seems like the “shock collars” were the folks who took care of things on the inside of prison when it was time to pull some the leash on someone or some such. Before I wrote that last night I even googled “gang” and “shock collar.” There were enough results that I figured I could move on. But this morning, after being corrected by readers, I went and re-checked. I was wrong.

My apologies.

Also, Jay-Z is saying “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of” and not “Concrete jungle wet dreams and mayo” no matter how much sense that makes to Jonah….

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