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Growing Pains

I was curious to see if anyone had a similar experience…

While having a heated talk about racism a short while ago and reading Paul Rosenberg’s article about racism, it finally occurred to me that I was raised to be racist while being told I wasn’t a racist. I’ve grown past this since I left high school, but it never occurred to me the reason why I had to make an active change in the first place.

Racist remarks were rarely scolded (even in school) in our town (there were virtually no minorities) and we always heard rumors about an active KKK; but we were always taught that America stood for equality- for everyone.  So, our little spongish child brains soaked up both sides of the coin and we equated it to equality (because we weren’t racists).   And this is just the cycle, how it goes; the same shit regurgitated from the mouth of the beast to the cherubish hyena fawn, ever so slightly diluted, but with enough concentration to see it til the end.

And as my generation steps up to fill the shoes of power- congressmen, school board members, bus drivers, alike; many will be composed of the same synthetic creed created dually for the reasons of divisiveness and diversion.  Which is the ultimate diversion.  To keep us from realizing we’re all the same size; we are all ‘David’s’, we just have to remember how to use our slingshots.

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