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Talking Oil Prices, Israel, and Iran


Talking Oil Prices, Israel, and Iran…

When we, as both Chicanos and Military Vets, demonstrate our respect for the “unassailable” Facts, our advocacy for such, remains undeterred, and thusly, “Shaming the Devil and his Evil Twin…when strolling down the Avenue known as Truth-Telling” also strengthens our behavior for our self-imposed Self-Restraint and Patience. Therefore, our historical perspective that “no Native American and Chicano, wearing our nation’s uniform will be fighting and dying on Israel’s soil, given that the Israelis’ are utilizing a self-inflicted second-rate Democracy,” does not wear well with us. And our normal behavior is to refrain from stepping onto the national stage that consists of our international relations with the nation states that comprise the Middle East. However, our one exception to our Self-Restraint and Patience was in our opposition to the White House’s and Congress’ Authority to Use Military Force. And history, of course, has proven us correct, and in virtually all aspects. As such, our premise for Self-Governance comes to us in the form that the nexus of both Business and Politics, is Money, and in vast amounts.. And with this background now out of the way, our “talking Oil Prices, Israel and Iran” commences from here in the Sonoran Desert.

With the rapidly rising prices for gasoline at the pump, our understanding is that the oil producing nations no longer control the price of a barrel of oil since these oil producing nations no longer have any spare capacity is indeed correct. And our understanding is obviously reinforced when Kevin Drum, the consummate writer for the Mother Jones Magazine, says the following and which reinforces our perspective, as well.

“Neither the Saudis, nor anyone else, control the price of oil anymore. Saudi Arabia has very little spare capacity to speak of, and couldn’t open the taps to bring the price of oil down even if it wanted to. So no matter what the price of oil is, that’s approximately the price the Saudis say is fair. That way they don’t have to admit that they no longer have the ability to seriously affect the oil price movements.

“This, by the way, is the same dynamic at work in OPEC meetings. They meet, they talk, and they release a statement that they aren’t going to increase production because the current price is fair and ‘customers aren’t asking for more oil.’ Well, of course they aren’t. By definition, customers aren’t asking for more oil as long as oil is selling at the market-clearing price. Which it is. Because if it’s not, then the price goes up, and guess what? Markets clear and customers aren’t asking for more oil. Nonetheless, this charade regularly gets played out anyway, because OPEC doesn’t want to admit that their production quotas are mostly meaningless these days. With occasional exceptions (when the 2008-2009 recession temporarily cratered oil demand, for example) OPEC countries are all pumping flat out and couldn’t deliver much more oil if they tried.”

And given our Respect for the Avenue that is Truth-Telling, anyone telling us that the market clearing price of oil should be at a reduced pricing level, such opinions have to be seriously discounted or more aptly, discarded since such opinions don’t matter to us here in the Sonoran Desert. Otherwise, the usual suspects are continuing to sell and market the Logic of Fear.

In assessing Israeli politics, yesterday and writing for the Haretz Dot Com web site, Amos Harel, in his article titled, “Israel: Iran is still mulling whether to build nuclear bomb” stipulates that the Israeli intelligence community is not convinced that Iran is seeking to craft a nuclear weapon, when he says the following:

“Iran has not yet decided whether to make a nuclear bomb, according to the intelligence assessment Israeli officials will present later this week to General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Israel also believes the Iranian regime now faces an unprecedented threat to its stability, which for the first time combines both external and internal pressure: from abroad, increasingly, harsh sanction and threats of military action, and at home, economic distress and worries about the results of the parliamentary election scheduled for March.

“Israeli intelligence sees signs that the regime in Tehran is genuinely worried about the possibility of an opposition victory in March. Should that happen, the regime will have to choose between conceding the loss or falsifying results—as it apparently did in the 2009 presidential election—which could incite anti-regime protests thanks to the tailwind provided by the Arab Spring, which toppled the regimes in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.”

And yet, looking to a “bottom line,” the sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe on Iran’s oil industry and its central bank, is far from sufficient, according the formal view being espoused by the Israeli government. Obviously, Israel wants a more penalizing sanctions schematic that once installed, will eventually lead to the toppling of the Iranian government. And should this occur, Israel’s survivability as a nation state will become jeopardized. Obviously, Israel does not feel constrained for living next to the abyss.

However, we need to be mindful that Turkey, has for some years now, been advocating that Iran become “democratic.” And which does not sit well with the Cleric-led Supreme Body that today, determines Iran’s future. And equally important, is that among the roster of the GOP’s nominees, the Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry, in a debate, labeled Turkey as being led by ‘terrorists.’ Of course, history proves otherwise and in that Turkey has been a secular nation since the 1920s and today is a Democracy and a staunch member and defender of the Euro Zone.

Consequently, should our respect for international relations become “informed” via the view that pertains to Turkey or by the view espoused by Israel?

From our perspective, by accepting the view of Turkey and rejecting the view provided by Israel, will exacerbate the Democratic Coalition to no viable end, given that the ongoing Construct that is the Logic of Fear, will cause the Jewish vote in the next presidential election to become challenged or personified via the Republicans as a “schism” between the Jewish community versus the Latino community, and as exemplified by Republicans for the non-existent “friction” between African Americans and Latinos. And if so, means that “unassailable” facts continue to have no relevant basis in American politics, when viewed through the prism that is today’s Republican politics.

In closing, paying far greater attention to the view being provided by Turkey, will do much to “inform and teach” the Latino community, with regard to November’s election since Turkey is not attempting to destabilize the existing government in Iran, but is attempting to “move” the Iranian government to become a viable Democracy in terms and definition that is America’s Democracy. To wit, Turkey “has been there and done that” and speaks from experience, otherwise, the “amateurs” continue to reign from within our self-governance model. And therein, is dilemma that is facing America and the Democratic bastion. Perhaps, consideration to any thoughts for downgrading the diplomatic status Israel enjoys with our America, needs to be considered and discussed, and in great detail?

Note:  Originally posted on the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization.


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