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Mittens and his craptastic debate performance: dodging tax questions, claims he lived on ‘real streets’ of America

Yeah, we can talk about how Newt went ballistic and blamed the media for asking about his wandering pee-pee and alleged open marriage request of wife #2, or how Rick Santorum finally located his #clownballs and pummeled Romney and Newt mercilessly in a desperate attempt to remain relevant, but it was Mittens, poor little Mittens, who stunk up the joint at the CNN Debate held in Charleston, SC Thursday night.

No wonder the GOP is looking for the anyone-but-Romney candidate (and there’s no electable alternative in the Clown Car) — he is a train wreck of vulnerabilities at this point, and his religion offending the fundies is the least of his problems.

1. He had no coherent answer about why he has not released his taxes (past or present). And that’s in spite of ample warning that this was going to come up. His basic defense was that he’ll do it in April (maybe), and that anyone harping on it is just jealous that he’s successful (he blamed Dems when it is his own partymates going after him). You know it’s bad when the fire-breathing South Carolina audience booed his @ss.

2. The epic #FAIL at trying to portray himself as a regular guy. This is Mittens’ second go-round at running for president, and he (or his handlers) haven’t found a way for him to not look like a filthy rich corporate raider who doesn’t have a clue about how most Americans live. It’s particularly acute because there are so many people who are long-term unemployed, have lost their homes — and these were part of the middle class that probably voted GOP in the past. But alas, Romney continues to step in a flaming hot steaming pile of cow dung over and over, and even “improving” on his performance. Tonight’s classic is full of win.

He said that “only he has lived on the ‘Real Streets’ of America.”

What. The. F? Take a look at the mean, real streets of MittensWorld.

It’s like, why bother trying to make the “I’m just like you” case? Repeatedly? Offensively.

Oh, and his new spin when this comes up is that it’s about envy or jealousy because he is successful, thus confirming his massive wealth, hidden in offshore accounts, makes him not like 99% of us. #FAIL. His crew has to come up with something better than “oh, you’re starting that old ‘class warfare’ meme!” when food banks can’t meet the demand, and yes, as Mittens has said, the foreclosures should just run their course.

And that’s why there’s panic about Mittens…and the rise of Newt “open marriage” Gingrich. What a clown car:

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding