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Video Documentary:”The Most Hated Family in America”, Wow! Let’s Go to Church, Pray for Them

The Westboro Baptist Church, you have seen them picketing soldiers funerals asserting that they deserved to die, are burning in hell, and then rejoice about it. You have seen the biker groups come to the defense of the soldiers families by placing them and their bikes between the haters and funeral attendees. Their hate for the Gay Community is unmatched and openly, loudly advocated. One brave journalist breaches the church walls and documents the hate they are so proud of. I am surprised they did not make a biblical sacrifice of him. He survives to tell the bizarre story of the inner workings of the “family” and how religious indoctrination occurs. -I came upon this documentary during my quest for information on the 1st amendment, in this case the church members were allowed to continue their picketing after their court victory.

I place it here for all to see because great documentary journalism is so important and is so under exposed. I add just two others for your edification, if it is on a topic that you enjoy please consider passing it on and helping promote this non MSM,informative, exposing kind of journalism that is some of the best part of my life.
A documentary by Bill Maher- humorous quest of discovery through all that is religion, a must see, I promise you will learn more than one thing
and finally a documentary of Andrew Wiles, a man who recently solved the most difficult math problem in the world, Fermat’s Last Theorem. For those of us who love math, its the best. The college students that,captured this historical event, on on a limited budget, and made it such a compelling, informative story are to be commended. Andrew Wiles mathematical superhero- no one even had the audacity to believe they could do what he did, the beautiful mind. enjoy

Bill Maher on religions some of his best work, very funny, informative

Fermat’s last” enjoy my arithmetic brothers and sisters

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