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Can someone remove Andrew Sullivan’s head from his ass?

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I’m not going to attack Andrew Sullivan for supporting a moderate Republican president that’s friendly gay rights – Barack Obama. After all, Sullivan is or was a gay Republican. And I’m not going to do a point by point of Obama’s economic policy failures. If you want to read one, click here. I’ve said for months that Obama is a moderate Republican, and basically Andrew Sullivan agrees. Sullivan’s criticisms of the crazy Right Wing is correct. If I were a Republican, I’d view an election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as a win win – heads Republicans win, tails Democrats lose. BUT I’m not a Republican or a “Democrat” (actually I don’t think the Democratic Party actually exist anymore, there are just two Conservative corporate whore parties, one just a little left of the other). If a political party elects a moderate member of an opposing party, does that party actually exist?

I’m a progressive and there is absolutely nothing progressive about Barack Obama on core Progressive issues – trade, health care, Wall Street, war, or civil liberties. In fact, Sullivan criticizes Republicans for not  accepting Obama’s conservative policies and liberal for projecting “Democratic” principles on Obama. On Hardball, Sullivan  was asked, “what a (Obama) second term would look like?”


I see it as a picture in which the Americans side in certainly of sun setting the Bush the tax cuts and having some sort of rise in the tax rates for the rich will be an attempt to tackle the debt. That’s a huge problem. I think he offers the possibility of a fair and balanced way of cutting the debt than the Republicans approach, which is to do it on the backs of the middle class and the poor. Having some sacrifice from the wealthy is important. I also think immigration reform is possible, necessary, and important. And I think he has a chance to do that. If the Republicans are prepared to be reasonable and come back to the negotiating table in a way that isn’t completely determined be fantasy about who this guy is. he’s not a big old lefty. As for the left, he’s a compromise in the middle.


Now Sullivan is engaging in fantasy, if Republicans stop being Republicans and just play nice with Obama, they can cut the debt and give amnesty to illegal immigrants. It’s time for Sullivan to pull his head out of his ass. The best reason that Sullivan could make for Progressives to support the re-election of Barack Obama is that he is slightly left of Mitt Romney or a moderate Republican. Well Mr. Sullivan, that’s mighty Republican of you.

According to Sullivan, immigration reform and equitable debt reduction are the best policies the Left should hope for in a Obama second term. Since I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants because I believe illegal immigration is one of the factors that have stagnated middle class wages. The possibility of immigration reform is not a reason to support Obama. To me, it’s a benefit of electing a Republican. But if you support immigration reform, re-electing Barack Obama means nothing. If he is re-elected, immigration reform will become another GITMO promise. Worthless! I care about debt reduction about as much as most Republican, not at all. But if I were concerned about debt reduction, I wouldn’t support a president that extended the Bush/Obama tax cuts while cutting Medicare and home heating oil assistance. If I cared about debt reduction, the health care reform back room deals that have Americans spending 17% of GDP on health care while not covering everyone is another reason I’m voting for Mitt Romney or whatever turd the Republicans crap out. The fact that the great Obama health care reform has Obama offering Medicare cuts is illuminating. Perhaps the public option was important not just a “sliver”. Mitt Romney’s promise to repeal Obamacare is enough for me.

On the most important issue, the economy, there is no reason to vote for Obama. We lost 13 million jobs during the Bush Depression. By the end of 2012, we will be lucky if the economy creates 3 to 4 million jobs. We are on a pace to return to 2008 employment levels around 2020 or 2024. If current work place participation was at 2007 levels, the current unemployment rate would be 10.5%. Real unemployment is 16%, and Black unemployment (the canary in the coal mine) is near 20%.  Clinton/Bush/Obama free trade continues to savage the American middle class, and Wall Street/Corporate America owns Washington D.C.  Obama refuses to use the power of his office to protect the middle class from unfair trade while corporate profits skyrockets. But according to Sullivan, as a Progressive, I should be happy to re-elect the moderate Republican Barack Obama. Can someone pull Andrew Sullivan’s head out of his ass? Let me be clear, HELL will freeze over before I vote for Barack Obama again.

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