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Fundie vid of the day: David Pakman interviews Bryan Fischer on lesbians, ‘natural marriage’

I have to give it to David Pakman. He manages to get these fundies on his show — and they have to know that Pakman’s a huge critic of these anti-gays-for-pay. All David has to do is let them open their pieholes. This clip is of the American Family Association’s deranged Bryan Fischer. One interesting bit — he gets Bryan to discuss lesbians – for most of these bigots, lesbians barely exist since they focus on gay male sex almost exclusively and obsessively. David wrote me about some of the highlights:

  • He explains “natural” marriage, but bumbles when the “naturality” of homosexuality in thousands of species is brought up
  • He says he cares about lesbians too
  • I need to better understand the new testament
  • Lesbians are bad because they can’t have kids, but also dislikes that they have so many abortions..hmm…
  • Bible is literally true
  • The New Testament isn’t violent
  • During the interview insists on getting “research” from his desk about lesbians being at huge risk for a variety of diseases, and then can’t explain why

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding