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Oligarchs Pay to Elect One of Their Own

The oligarchy in the US includes a large number of people in the financial business, you know, the “industry” that plays with other people’s money and takes all the profits and none of the losses. Those leeches have had their way with our government, which has refused to hold them accountable for the destruction of our economy and the hopes and dreams of millions. Not satisfied with taking and keeping all the money, now they want to elect one of their own president. As evidence, take a look at the donors to Mitt Romney’s SuperPac, Restore Our Future.

The biggest human person donor is John Paulson, who paid $1 million to Restore Our [his] Future. He’s the guy who played ABACUS with Goldman Sachs, and made billions betting, if that’s the right word when you’re talking about these deals, against crappy real estate mortgage-backed securities. He is ranked 17 on the Forbes 400.

Among the big givers are at least three Bain employees, Edward Conant, $1 million, and Paul Edgerly and Sandra Edgerly, husband and wife who gave $500,000 each (Sandra is now a homemaker.) Louis Bacon gave $500,000; he is the founder of Moore Capital, and quite wealthy, wealthy enough to spend it chasing anonymous internet commenters who say ugly things about him.

Two of the $250,000 donors are in the real estate business, Renee Morse and a company she controls, The Villages, a retirement community in Florida, and Robert Pence of Pence-Friedel Developers in DC. At $230,000, we have Jeffrey Sprecher, bounder of ICE, one of those fabulous internet-based financial marketplaces that have done so much for all of us. At $125,000, we have three more financiers: Kevin Rollins of TPA Private Equity, and Marc Leder and Rodger Krouse of Sun Capital Advisors.

Between $25,000 and $100,000, we have:

Robert Reynolds: Putnam Investments
Alexander Navab: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Lee Ainslie: Maverick Capital
Bradley Bloom: Berkshire Partners/Private Equity I
Richard Boyce: T.P.G. Capital
David Bullock: West Rim Cap./Sorenson Cap
William Fleishman W/F Investment Corporation
Eric Varvel: Credit Suisse
Jeffrey Fox: Harbor Investments
Sam Fox: Harbor Investments, also a big funder of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
Theodore Cutler: the Interface Group, a factor of receivables
David Knott: Knott Partners
Marc Rowan: Apollo Management
William Achtmeyer: The Parthenon Group
Chris Jenny: The Parthenon Group
Nicolas Beckwith: Arch Street Management
John Griffin: Blue Ridge Capital

There are other real estate developers, and a few businessmen and lawyers scattered in the donor group.

Extra kudos, though, for Christopher Landry of TA Investors and James Heavener, who got big time product placement for their $40,000 and $45,000 contributions. Eric Lichtblau, a well-known truth vigilante, writes in the New York Times that TA Investors owns, and Heavener is CEO, of Full Sail University, Romney has mentioned Full Sail University twice as the solution to the high cost of education. Heavener is co-chair of Romney’s fund-raising team in Florida. Get the details here; and here’s a delicious sample:

Mr. Romney did not mention the cost of tuition at Full Sail, which runs more than $80,000, for example, for a 21-month program in “video game art.”

I wonder if Newt has a mean film about any of these guys.

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