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No, Mitt and members of Congress. It’s not envy many feel for you. It’s called rage.

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Romney Claims the American People Are Envious of him.

I was listening to the radio on my way home from the local Martin Luther King parade yesterday and I heard a clip from an interview with Romney where he said that it was envy of the 1% that is driving all the protests.  It’s not envy, it’s rage and indignation at being robbed and having our jobs destroyed by people like Romney while our tax dollars and our Congress support these criminals in their efforts to destroy Main Street.  What he and others like him do is not, as Ron Paul defended,  the “American Way.”  It’s the way of the robber barons from another page in our history–the same story all over again.

Americans are not envious and they are not looking for handouts.  What we are looking for is justice and a level playing field. If life in the USA were a card game, the 1% would be playing the game with a deck that has been marked by their bought-and-sold Congress.  Until we get rid of the ones who are marking the deck we can forget about justice.

But I guess that it should not come as any surprise to us that Mitt would be confused when it comes to identifying emotions correctly.


Willard continues to refuse to show his financial records because, among other things, it will show that he only paid 15% of his income in taxes.

Yep that’s right 15%.

How is this you might ask when the candidates for the 1% yelp about the 35% tax that the wealthiest and corporations are supposed to pay?  And we hear jerks like Michele Bachmann telling us that the first thing she would do is lower the 35% income tax rate–as if she  or any of her pals have EVER paid such a rate in their lives!

Indeed, the financial world of Wall Street is a true twisted Orwellian newspeak jungle where loss means profit. Buyout guys like  Mitt Romney decide to buy a company. They find a company they want to buy.  It may be in your community. Their goal is to make money from the company—but not by growing the company, by hiring more people, by making more competitive products. Their goal is a destructive, evil and self-serving goal—to make money for themselves and their investors.  To heck with the people in the community.  Wall Street with the anonymity that it provides investors makes the perfect tool. It’s the perfect setup because the investors don’t even know the people who are being destroyed so they don’t have to feel guilty.

The buyout/private equity people like Romney don’t even use their own money to carry off their crime.  They get some investors to put some cash down.  Then they borrow the rest from banks

When you buy a house or car, you have to pay back the loan.  But thanks to loopholes, created with the help of members of the US Congress, the buyout guys don’t have to pay back their loans. The company they just bought is responsible for the debt—not them.

So private equity investors like Mitt Romney and his pals  have layoffs and sell offs. [That means jobs of ordinary Americans.] The debt of the company brings other bonuses—lower taxes.  That’s right.  Same company same product.  Just less taxes. Because of all the new debt, the company gets to pay a lot less taxes  which of course means less money for schools and roads and hospitals in your community.

Making better products?  People like Mitt Romney are not about making better products.  They are about making cheaper products.  Quality raw materials are as evil to them as paying living wages for workers or taxes for local environment that they often destroy.  Quality raw materials to build quality products along with labor are costs.  The more cost, the less money for the wealthy investor.

THEN THERE ARE CAPITAL GAINS.  WHEN A PRIVATE EQUITY COMPANY SELLS THE COMPANY, AFTER THEY HAVE COMPLETELY GUTTED IT, THE BUYOUT GUYS TAKE 20%.  That’s called carried interest. AND the carried interest that buyout guys like Romney collect gets taxed at only 15%.   While people like Romney and Henry Kravis {who makes more than a million dollars a day)  get taxed at almost half he rate than most ordinary Americans pay.

Odd to think, isn’t it, that the majority of American taxpayers have bankrolled people like Mitt Romney and Henry Kravis (net worth $3.7 billion).


What can you do about it?  You can stop sending the same crooks back to Congress year after year!  And those of you who still believe in the two-party system–especially black people, need to remember ACORN.

You can stop believing in the two-party system.  Look at them!  44% of our Congress are multimillionaires–Democrats and Republicans alike.

Run for office yourself!  Vote for your neighbor!

Yesterday at the parade when I saw the Democrats out in full force at the Martin Luther King parade, I thought about ACORN and how quickly people forget–especially black people when it comes to the Democratic Party.

A Democratic majority in BOTH houses of Congress, along with a black Democratic President who supported the move, voted to defund ACORN–an organization whose only crime was to empower poor people, mostly black people, by registering them to vote and telling them how to defend themselves against unscrupulous landlords and pay day loan shysters.  And what was the evidence?  A shoddy, heavily edited tape presented to Congress by a known right wing operative–James O’Keefe.  The Democrats in Congress, including the President, cared more about protecting their careers than they cared about the poor–especially the black poor.

ACORN later sued O’Keefe for defamation and won the case, but it was too late.  The organization, without the support of donations because of its damaged reputation folded in bankruptcy.

And our Congress?  They continue to award government contracts to real crooks like Lockheed Martin (as but one example) ignoring the proven record of this corporation’s history of misconduct.  Go here and see for yourself:  Federal Contractor Misconduct Database.

Waiting for the MLK Parade – Garland, Texas – January 14, 2011
As I looked at these people yesterday, I wondered how many of them had made the connection that a Democrat majority in both houses and a Democrat black president had destroyed ACORN on the testimony of one known right-wing operative and liar.  Only 7 senators voted against defunding ACORN.

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