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Come Saturday Morning: Oh, No! Not the Fluffy White Couch Dogs!

What better way to start the day than with a pair of somewhat barky little Eskimo doggies? So here they are again, the Fluffy White Couch Dogs, ready to chase you around until you tell them to shut up, give them a treat, or both.

Apparently, the easiest way to get the Fluffy Whites together in a photograph is through the use of — what else? — food. And the FWCDs are eagerly awaiting some treats in this photo. Petey’s the one with the wide-open mouth, Penny’s the one with the long muzzle.

Grab the beverage and morning comestibles of your choice, kick back and chat, and imagine that two pairs of soulful brown eyes are watching your every move to see if you wind up dropping a piece of bacon on the floor. (Please don’t, it’s too salty for them!)

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Phoenix Woman