From the 18th Century, Jack Sparrow speaks truth. by Axel Bührmann
I regularly get brought up short and reality checked when listening to BBC radio. I cannot imagine having heard this information reported on MSM, not here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.
Dr. Anja Shortland’s most jarring statement during the interview, at least to my sensibilities, was when she was asked to sum up her explanation of the phenomenon after having researched and published her report. Her response to that prompt was that her guess was, unlike the behaviour that one would expect to see from drug dealers and the like, influenced by Western society, in other words obscene displays of conspicuous consumption; the pirates apparently were mostly sharing. Yes, sharing.
From the BBC article :
The report concludes that significant amounts of ransom money are spent in the regional centres, with the benefits being shared out between a large number of people due to the clan structures in place.

And further, from the Chatham House Report :

The real wage Figure suggests that people in the pirate provinces may not feel that they have gained from piracy, because nominal wage gains have been entirely offset by the food price increases of  2007/08. The real wages of casual workers in Bari, Muduq and Nugaal have risen significantly in response to the establishment of the piracy industry. This is likely to reflect both direct employment opportunities and investments into local businesses. However, the positive effects of piracy are offset by food price inflation. No positive impact of piracy is observed for Banaadir, which has a long coastline and several ports, but does not appear to be involved in the ransoming business. Instead there was a very high “peace dividend” during the period of the rule of the Union of Islamic Courts from June to December 2006.

The above report and article detail wages being more than tripled since 2000 as a result of trickle down economics in several Somalian provinces. Investments have been made in infrastructure as well. In other words, put simply, absent the sharing of the pirates a lot more Somalians would be starving to death.

Sharing. What a concept. So simple.

“A hungry man is not a free man.”
~Adlai E. Stevenson~

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
~Charles Dickens~

****And as a Totally Non Sequitur aside…… file under the heading…….. ‘Things that make you go Huh?’****
From channel 4 in Tucson’s website :

BENSON – An inmate accidentally detonated a grenade he found while on work duty along Interstate 10 near Benson – no one was injured, and two other grenades that were found were disposed of properly.

They were riot grenades folks, containing little rubber balls and chemical spray.

Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas