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The differences between the 2008 and 2012 Elections.

The 2008 Election was about the “peace” candidate Obama versus the dangerous warmonger McCain.

The 2012 Election seems to be shaping up as the voice of the “venture” capitalists’ Obama versus the the “vulture” capitalist Mitt Romney.

Are you getting the picture here of what is taking place, or should I draw a picture?

Obama was pushed as a peace candidate by these phony progressive outfits like the Progressives for Obama and PDA. Today Tom Hayden, working on behalf of PDA and Progressives for Obama is pushing Ron Paul as a progressive voice on level with the great progressive anti-imperialist Mark Twain. What perversion under the guise that Obama needs a peace candidate to chase. Now the darling of PDA, David Sirota, an apologist for the Democrats and Obama is calling on Democrats, liberals, progressives and leftists to support the racist and anti-Semite John Bircher, Ron Paul, too.

We can expect a muddle-headed libertarian like Greenwald to support Ron Paul.

But, what is going on here with this support for this fascist Ron Paul by these phony progressives for Obama?

Sirota is fully aware there is a progressive, Jill Stein; and a liberal Rocky Anderson running against Obama. What both Sirota and Hayden know is that if Stein and Anderson are capable of building movements with substantial numbers of voters upset with the political process— the two-party trap— waste their time supporting Ron Paul, they will not be using their time and resources building support for Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would expect real progressives to be pushing for Stein and Anderson to join forces in a way that will result in maximum support for them— either running on a common ticket or as some kind of slate or as some kind of Green-Justice Party Alliance; not wasting time backing this thoroughly reactionary Ron Paul who admits he has no truck with any part of the liberal, progressive, left agenda.

We are facing a re-run of the 2008 Election in 2012 which neither Tom Hayden or David Sirota acknowledge.

Obama the voice of Wall Street venture capitalists from which there is no difference from Romney the Bain vulture capitalist.

In fact, Bain has been working in cahoots with just about every member of the Obama Administration and Cabinet; and many of Bain’s top executives even contributed to Obama’s campaign.

From Obama we get the exact same Wall Street program couched in leftist language that we get from Romney.

Is there any difference between a vulture capitalist and a venture capitalist? No; they are one and the same.  Just like we were offered two warmongers in 2008— with one dishonestly claiming to be for peace; so too in 2012, we are being offered the choice between a venture capitalist and a vulture capitalist.

What a nifty way Madison Avenue has come up with to hoodwink the American people— and Wall Street brings out these toadies like Sirota and Hayden to help them sell this crap.

Do we really want a repeat of 2008 and the results which will bring new wars and further attacks on our standard of living?


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Alan Maki

Alan Maki