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Since the criteria is who can make the most money by dismantling Main Street, I propose Henry Kravis for President!

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Yes, there is no doubt that Mitt Romney is the leader of the pack of the current candidates for President of our Nation when it comes to firing workers and trashing American companies, but that doesn’t make at least 200 members of the US Congress any less guilty.

Without their participation as lawmakers and as Wall Street investors, companies like Bain Capital, American Capital Group and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. would never get away with the crimes they “legally” commit against the American people.  We need to remember that the two are a hand-in-glove relationship:  Congress and Wall Street crooks like Romney. They BOTH benefit from destroying Main Street.  If you don’t believe me go to Open Secrets and look at the increases in the net worth of Congressional members over the past three years as millions of Americans have slid off into economic oblivion.

Henry Kravis is another pig like Romney who has made billions with his private  private equity firm of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. who have over $62 billion in assets as of 2011. Kravis himself has an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion as of September 2011, ranked by Forbes as the 88th richest man in America. And he made his money just like Mitt:  with leveraged buyouts, then firing workers and selling off the companies assets.  Another Main Street demolition expert.

If Wall Street private equity firms are “the American Way” as Ron Paul and Mitt say, it seems to me that maybe Henry Kravis ought to run for president since he obviously knows the game better than Mitt. Kravis has a personal fortune of $3.7 billion to Mitt’s puny $250 billion.

And more just like Kravis and Romney are waiting in the wings from the children of the political class currently in power.

Chelsea Clinton, for example, straight out of college worked for a predatory financial corporation on wall street.  No doubt mom or pop helped to land her job with American Capital Group, an investment firm focusing on distressed securities and private equity with regional teams focusing on “opportunities” in the United States, Europe and Asia. The firm operates as both a private equity and a hedge fund.  Do you think that anyone of the three Clintons don’t know how a private equity firm makes its money?  It’s the “American Way” all right–the “American Way” for the rich.

Then there is Rick Perry’s son.  In February of 2007, Perry’s son, Griffith, went to work for UBS, one of the two largest financial firms consulting with Rick Perry over the possible sale of the Texas Lottery.

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