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Reality Check from Sen. Ed Murray on the Washington Marriage Equality Bill

Don’t get complacent, Washington & friends, get to work! That’s the message from Washington state Senator Ed Murray (D-Seattle), one of the primary sponsors of the marriage equality bill (SB 6239).

It’s tempting to assume that equality is in the bag when we’ve observed the incredible momentum created by Gov. Gregoire’s endorsement followed by the endorsement of Republican state Senators Litzow and Pflug and the councils of King County and City of Tacoma. But we’re still 2-3 votes short in the Senate and the opposition is being directed by a shadowy puppet master (how else to explain this).

Here’s what Sen. Ed Murray recommends (H/T The Stranger):

It’s time for people to stop popping the champagne corks and get to work. People need to contact their legislators. They need to give to Washington United for Marriage. They need to talk to their friends, their family members, their churches and synagogues. People need to step up. If you live in Seattle, write a check. If you live outside Seattle, contact your state legislators. We have work to do. Put the champagne away, it’s not time yet. …

The rightwing will put it on the ballot. We saw that with R-71. The organizations down here working—the gay organizations—have hired lobbyists and community organizers. That has to be paid for. HRC has seven full-time community organizers in seven districts in Washington state and they’ve hired a business lobbyist to work with businesses, and all of that has to be paid for. And the way to do that is by giving to Washington United for Marriage.

It’s not over when it passes the senate. We can win in the senate and lose at the ballot box—if we don’t get organized now.

Here are links you’ll need:

  • Contact your legislators
  • Donate to Washington United for Marriage
  • “Like” Washington United for Marriage on Facebook.
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    Laurel Ramseyer

    Laurel Ramseyer