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Progressives for Ron Paul, Gather Here

I know Ron Paul is not a progressive. I know he’s anti-choice, wants to regulate female reproduction, is most probably a racist, hates social security, Medicare, etc.


I know that and hate that about him.


That said, Obama is clearly a classist who hates SS and is out to defund the program. He’s also out to kill thousands, tens of thousands, or millions of Iranians. And I am REALLY not ok with that. I’m also not OK with the NDAA. A vast majority of the issues Paul is bad on, Obama is also bad on, although Obama fakes being a good guy there. And if you disagree, imma gonna assume you haven’t been paying close attention.

Gay right and abortion appear to be the ONLY issues where they really disagree. I know, I know, RP also wants to abolish the Dep of Ed, etc. But the Dep of ED brought us NCLB, etc. And it (the department of education) didn’t exist until fairly recently. So, cry me a river there. Teacher autonomy FTW!

Anyway, I just want to drive a stake into the heart of the oligarchy. And RP, for all of his many, many faults, appears to be the most realistic scenario to do so.

I think we can recover domestic ground after the MIC is downgraded? Maybe? Hopefully?


Update I:

I’m fully aware of the recent arguments from progressives who DON’T support Ron Paul. Like the arguments Kevin and Glenn have made.


See: (Greenwald)


And: (Kevin Gosztola)


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