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Graphic Video, The Best Reason I Have Seen to Support Ron Paul- Help, Stop This and Save Iranian,Syrian Kids -Please I beg you

The depth of intellectual dishonesty that one would have to go through to make this video,war not very important is beyond measure. That those same people, who would imply such, would completely ignore the 500 billion a year/5 trillion in 10 years savings from reigning in the empire/war machine, in an effort maintain their intellectual dishonesty should surprise no one. Give peace a chance, save some kids.

If we don’t this WILL be Iranian and Syrian children. War should not be sanitized for the masses, for the intellectually dishonest or morally bankrupt, its part of the problem.
I had to turn away in horror, I have a child that age, I apply the Golden Rule to my life, thus tolerating this or those who tolerate it isn’t an option, is it for you?

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