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It is almost certain to be yanked within the next 24 to 48 hours because it is quite possibly the most  truthful dramatization of predator capitalism that has ever been produced.

I hope that it does not escape the notice of his ardent fans that Ron Paul is the only one who has defended what private equity firms like Mitt Romney’s do.  Ron Paul calls it the “American Way”, part of our “free enterprise system”.  If it is, then it’s a part that should go.  No rich guy like Romney, born with a gold spoon in his mouth having a father who is CEO of American Motors, should be able to buy up companies and then destroy them for his profit and the profit of his investors.

Predator capitalism is NOT the American Way and those who think that it is damn sure don’t represent the 99% who have been fired and lost their jobs because men like Mitt Romney came to their town.

I hope this wakes up a few of the 99% to the true ilk of Ron Paul as well.



Try to defend a private equity companies who buy up companies, run them into debt, fire the workers and the sell off the assets in a fire sale as “the American Way.”

No, I’m not defending Democrats either because I have no doubt that at least 44% of all members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike (the multimillionaire class) have made millions as investors in these predatory corporations who have been second only to the too-big-to-fail banks in destroying the economy of our nation.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry