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Some days as I travel the by-ways and highways of the Intertoobz, I come across articles, blog posts, or other pieces of information that just make me shake my head at the absurdity of things I’m reading. I discovered today’s Theater of the Absurd at emptywheel this morning where Marcy had a post titled “Torturing the Truth Vigilantes”:

“WHAT ELSE ARE WE ON THIS EARTH TO DO???,” Dan Froomkin tweeted as he contemplated the NYT’s Public Editor, Arthur Brisbane, asking for reader input on whether or not its reporters should correct false statements made by those they report on.

I thought that this was surely a joke and someone had grabbed a headline from The Onion instead, but nope, there it was direct from the New York Times Public Editor hissownself:

Should the Times be a Truth Vigilante

Fortunately for my sanity, the comments that were allowed (and yes, I got a comment in before the Times closed them) were running nearly totally against the premise being offered with most being variants of “why is this even a question?”

Of course, the post from the Public Editor was not the first “are you kidding me?” type article from the Times web site today. for instance there’s this from someone named Adam Davidson that looks like it’s for Sunday’s Times Magazine (and an audition for Comedy Central) titled “What Does Wall Street Do for You?” Here’s a couple of snippets from the section heds in the article:






Oh, and this type of idiocy is not by any means limited to the New York Times. Here are a some Politico headlines from today (links embedded):

Arlen Specter: Dump Obama for Hillary

Steven Rattner: You can blame Mitt Romney, but not for Bain Capital

Tom Donohue: Don’t tread on business

I guess the reality is, articles like these from supposedly reputable news sources, even as opinion pieces, are both Theater of the Absurd and Signs of the Apocalypse.

Update: Never let it be said that I don’t pile on – especially when the piling on is such a worthy target. Here’s David Dayen on the Times Public Editor. And Mr. Pierce weighs in here. And Blue Texan here. I’m sure there are others as well since the stoopid burnzzz bright in this one.

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