Insurance Whistleblower Wendell Potter Continues Spreading Word of Corporate Malfeasance

I was really happy to hear that Mr Potter was on my local NPR affiliate this morning telling the story of profits over health in this country.

There are so many stories to be heard, this is just one that effects everyone that has health insurance or wants it. It is one, if people could hear it, that could have wide ranging influence I think in how people understand health care, and how it is delivered and paid for, if people simply could get to hear it.

I attended a Firedoglake book salon last year with Mr Potter. I learned a lot, enjoyed the discussion and told him I’d buy his book. I did, but I also asked him if he would consider being on local radio to discuss his book because I thought it so important. He said he would.

I emailed the station and asked if they’d be interested. Anyone could have done that. But now, some months later, more people know than just me and my friends, fdl and neighbors that I can get to talk to.

For anyone in the Kansas City area he will be speaking tonight at 6:30 pm at the Kansas City Library Central Branch, 14 W 10th St. The Library is asking for reservations, so they can have seats for all 🙂

And Thank You Firedoglake!

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